Residents of FBC Aureol, Leicester, Gloucester, Tree Planting etc have been left peeved after nearly 2 days of blackout which is unprecedented. They blame it on “lack of respect by the authorities”

“There is power generation problem,” acknowledged Foday Kallon “but why always us to suffer”.

This has been described as an escalation of the downplaying of these communities with no explanation forthcoming either from Minister Kanja Sesay or those representating him.

“We’ve never been treated this way for a long time when we could spend going to 2 days in the dark,” Alfred Mani, a teacher said.

The anger is fueled by what many see as blatant disregard for specific communities that are treated anyhow without explanation while other areas are far better off.

“We will not be pushed to the corner after elections. We too have a stake,” Kallon said.

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