“We are Red and Ready for 2023 Elections”

“We are Red and Ready for 2023 Elections”

APC Supporters

Stakeholders and supporters of the All Peoples Congress Party have sent an open challenged to the Sierra Leone Peoples Party that they are red and ready for the 2023 elections as the APC will democratically evicts the Bio’s administration from office through the ballots box.

Speaking to Guardian Post just after the adoption of the party revised constitution in Makeni exuberance and cheerful supporters urged stakeholders of the party to forget about their differences and help bring the party to power with one accord.

The fanatic supporters reiterated the message of the embattled Chairman and Leader who individually called names of party stakeholders to take the podium and openly tell members of the party that all the chaos and confusion in the party are in the hands of the so-called ‘Big Six’.

“We are appealing to the various splinter groups in the party to come together in unity and not allow their characters or egos to crumble the party,” they said.

“The All Peoples Congress Party had the numerical and capacity to win the 2023 elections on first ballots,” they bluff, “All what we are calling for is peace and unity.

However, senior stakeholders of the party were left frustrated and speechless after Ernest Koroma name and shame the so-called ‘Big Six’ of the party who he say are the problem shooters of the party after the 2018 elections prior to the selection of Samura Kamara.

“The handpicking of Samura Kamara brought serious confrontation and conflict in the party, it was completely wrong by Ernest Koroma to do such a thing,” sources close to the ‘Big Six’ disclose to Guardian Post.

“We know before the 2018 elections that Ernest Bai-Koroma was a demigod in the All Peoples Congress and his statement after cherry-picking Samura-Kamara makes everyone frightened and terrified.

“The Emergency Delegate Conference was to see were we went wrong and be able to correct our differences collectively as one big family with mutual understanding on how we can reposition the party in the coming months or years.” A member of the ‘Big Six’ retorts.

The ‘Big Six’ is made up of past Presidential aspirants in the 2018 elections who feel betrayed and deceived by Ernest Bai-Koroma by failing to follow due diligence and procedures in choosing who should represent the party in the past elections.

Samura-Kamara who was the party flagbearer in the 2018 elections is having stiff and competing competition from Alhaji Sam-Sumana and other wannabe aspirants who have shown interest to lead the party in the coming elections.

“The stage has been set for all Presidential aspirants of the party to starts engaged the grassroots and stakeholders of the party in showing their respective ideas and concepts to the lucky delegates who will be opportune to be in that great hall to elects the whoever emerged winners after the process.

Ernest Bai-Koroma will be the referee in all of this and whoever he supports will emerge victorious to lead the party comes 2023 with the backing of the general membership of the party.

Again, the Kono votes in all of these are very important for the APC as the mistakes Ernest Bai-Koroma made 2018 should be thoroughly and skillfully averted this time around.


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