Dear Sir,

The students of the above institution are currently going through water crisis on campus.

For the past two months the issues of water crisis on campus has become a major problem on the livelihood of students living in the University main campus hostels.

According to forensic research, majority of the students who are living in the campus hostels have to spend more than Le 10,000 just to buy some bundles of sachet water for a day in order to use for both drinking and domestic purposes.

Some students have to take transport (OKADA) to the nearby villages in order to fetch water that is not highly hygienic for both drinking and domestic purposes, and it is very sad to understand that lots of colleagues (especially women) are facing serious health challenges through the impure water they used to fetched from the nearby villages for both drinking and other domestic purposes. And also, some colleagues find it so difficult to fetch water from a long distance and they are really vulnerable in this kind of crisis on campus.

Sometimes majority of the students more especially the women decided not to go for lectures because they had no water to take their shower, and the only source of water (Jacky Body) which we have in the entire Njala University main campus is inefficient to remedy the current water crisis in the whole Njala University main campus including the community people. Sometimes the water (Jacky body) cannot serve for long hours especially in the dry season when the water table goes dawn and most times technical problem occurs which normally last for many days before its getting repaired. Also, the Muslim student’s populations we have on campus undergo lots of constraints for clean water in order to perform ablution for their five daily prayers. Also when some students want to use the restroom, they prefer using the nearby bushes/forest to toilet (flush type) because of the difficulties of water to use in the toilet.

The Njala University Administration have really tried their best to remedy the situation on campus as they used to do but yet still they cannot fully salvage the situation because of the current inefficient power supply which helps to sanitize and pump water from the dam to the various hostels on campus.

It is also very sad to understand that the downfall of many students especially the women base on academic performance on campus, I strongly believed that the above constraints which majority of the students are going through to access safe drinking water on campus is another big factors leading to that.

Base on the above constraints student of Njala University main campus (Monkonde) are currently going through, on behalf of the general students body I humbly write you for your argent intervention to help the students with safe drinking water or any clean water use for domestic purposes on campus. The general students will kindly appreciate if your administration can help them to remedy the above crisis once and for all.

Also on behalf of the general students of Njala University main campus, I am kindly asking that you help us with whatever solution that you may come up with in order to remedy the current water crisis in Njala University main Campus.


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