WARDC Gets New Chief Administrator

WARDC Gets New Chief Administrator

When the Local Government Service Commission (LGSC) came out with transfers for Local Councils’ administrative staff in May 2020, there was a huge buzz in the country as to who’s going here and there.

Well, the man who changes things around for the better, has been transferred to the Western Area Rural District Council (WARDC), in the Western Region of Sierra Leone.

Raman Tom Farmar, the new Chief Administrator of WARDC, has always enhanced service delivery in all the councils he has worked in Sierra Leone since 2007.

He might be a new face in WARDC but he has been one of the top performers in the Local Council system and his experience would go a long way to positively turn things around in the Western Rural District. 

His transfer from Port Loko District Council to WARDC received mixed feelings.

As people in Port Loko were crying for losing one of the best Chief Administrators in the Local Council business, the people of Western Rural were jubilating for having somebody who is coming to revive and enhance service delivery in the district.

The Western Rural has a huge potential for development but to realize that potential, there should be somebody with what it takes and Raman Tom Farmar is ‘the right man, in the right place, at the right time’.

Every council that the new WARDC Chief Administrator has worked, he has improved service delivery, attracted donor projects, and applied top gear performance.

For instance, he attracted the EU-project for both Bonthe and Port Loko District Councils, thereby creating an impression in the minds of donor partners that he can deliver the goods as and when needed. 

Farmar, who is a disciplined performer and team builder, also attracted funding from the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) for the councils he has worked, and subsequently used those funds to positively improve those councils. 

WARDC’s current Chairman, Kasho J. Holland-Cole, has been playing a major role in the enhancement of service delivery in the Western Rural.

The arrival of Chief Administrator Raman Tom Farmar would now tighten grip on the development of the district as ‘two better heads are always better than one’.

However, the people of the Western Rural District would have to wait until 1st July, 2020, when the transfer would take effect, to receive ‘their man’.

Farmar, who was recruited as a Finance Officer in the Local Council system in 2007, has worked in various Local Councils in the last 13 years unblemished.

He served as Finance Officer at the Moyamba District and Bonthe District Councils respectively from 2007-2017.

Due to his performance, he was promoted to the position of a Chief Administrator and transferred to Port Loko District Council where he has been since 2017.

In the last 13 years in the Local Council, he has been involved in some associations that aimed to improve the local council sector in the country.

Currently, he is a member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ (CSCMP), Network of Chief Finance Officers (CFOs) of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (Africa-FINET), and he is the Financial Secretary of the Local Council Association of Sierra Leone.

Farmar holds Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Financial Services from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone (USL), Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Njala University, and Master of Science (MSc) in Strategic Supply Chain Management from the University of Roehampton in the United Kingdom.

The WARDC new Chief Administrator, who is happily married with three children, is also pursuing a Master of Science (MSc) in Governance and Leadership at IPAM, USL.


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