VP Dines with the ‘Rank and Files’ at Robis in Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom

VP Dines with the ‘Rank and Files’ at Robis in Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom

By Hassan Bruz

Northern Bureau Chief

Although it used to be said that the All Peoples [APC] Party has about 100 Patterns to either win or retain Political Power, it now appears quite difficult to ascertain whether that perception still holds, as the Ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party [SLPP] seems to have far more Patterns in store. This could be deduced from the recent tactics of Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, who is also the Vice Chairman or Leader of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party [SLPP]. What is not quite clear though is whether the brains behind these two opposing Political Parties are Offspring of the Northern District of Port Loko. This is largely because the APC Party became famous of its winning Patterns under President Siaka Stevens with Sorie Ibrahim Koroma – an indigene of Port Loko as his Vice President. The then Vice President Koroma is said to be so loyal to President Stevens that he did everything to have the interest of the Party properly protected. All he needed was instructions from his Boss – President Siaka Stevens. Similarly, the Vice President of the Julius Maada Bio’s led Government in the person of Alhaji Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh is another man that hails from the same Northern District of Port Loko. He is also much more determined not only to penetrate and massage the District, but to as well entrench support in a Region that is hitherto, the perceived Stronghold of the now opposition All Peoples Congress [APC] Party.

Regardless the various versions making the rounds on almost every other channel of communication in and out the Country that the Sierra Leone Peoples Party Government has badly failed this Nation as far as its performance in the first 3 years in Office is concern, the Leadership is not in the least bothered. As a matter of fact, its leadership remains as focused as ever. Currently, a lot of nationwide sensitizations on the achievements of the 3 years of his tenure are ongoing. The Engagements are being done with emphasis on how his leadership would have done much more, had it not been constrained by the Corona Pandemic. Assurances of a recharged determination to perform much in the months ahead of the 2023 Polls have been intensified in a bid to renew the Mandate for an additional tenure. As in the case of late Vice President Sorie Ibrahim Koroma, who used to perform the spadework, Alhaji Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh is up and about all over the Region trying to change the perception of People about President Bio’s led Government.

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh has just concluded a ‘Meet the Peoples Tour’ which took him to Songo, Masiaka, Gberay Junction, Borroop, Lokomasama and Kaffu Bullom. As outlined in my previous post, the purpose was to avail himself to the ordinary People who would not have the opportunity to access him, and to as well provide the chance to interface with him on their expectations of the Government, listen to their immediate concerns and discuss ways on how those concerns could be easily achieved.  He was again  out at Robis – a village in the Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom to dine with the Rank and File – especially Muslims who are finding it extremely difficult to have something to eat at the end of each day of Ramadam – fasting. According to the newly elected Port Loko District SLPP Chairman – Mr. Edward L. Williams who doubled as Coordinator for this banqueting, the Vice President was there to perform  ‘giftha’ with the less privileged Persons in the sister Chiefdoms of Lokomasama and Kaffu Bullom whose bulk of Inhabitants are Muslims. He said hundreds of People including the physically challenged Persons were catered for. Mr. Williams was viewed as a unique privilege as many could not believe their luck especially when they were okayed to even carry home as much food and drinks as they could cart away.

Despite the doubt on the next angle which the Leadership of the SLPP might emerge from, it is obvious some immense gains have been made already. For instance, the Vice President has amassed so much support in the North West Region that it would take a fool to think that Port Loko District or the North West Region by extension is still a stronghold for the All Peoples Congress or any other Political Party. It is even highly probable to imagine the outcome of the pending 2023 General Elections. There is a school of thought which fears the Ruling SLPP might emerge winner at a single go, if the current trend is anything to bank on. Perhaps it is as a result of this likelihood that more and more People in this part of the Country are now in agreement with the adage – ‘a bird at hand is worth two or more in the bush’. In simple terms it implies that the Natives out here have accepted Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh as their sibling who deserves an unflinching support. Some of the Stakeholders, who would not like to be named at the moment, described Dr. Juldeh Jalloh as a humble and matured gentleman with a diplomatic method of approach whose respect for Stakeholders is superb. Below are the photos of Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, the newly elected SLPP Port Loko District Chairman – Mr. Edward L. Williams and a cross section of those who attended the ‘Iftha’.


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