Tunde Macarthy Declares for APC Top Position

Tunde Macarthy Declares for APC Top Position

One of Sierra Leone famous and celebrated philanthropists has declared for the position of Deputy Chairman, Western Region for the All Peoples Congress Party.

Tunde Macarthy is well known within the western region for his kind and generous gestures in various communities in the western area for all the good things.

The humanitarian personality is one of the few individual in the western area in bringing development into the doorsteps of Sierra Leoneans by constructing and building series of cemeteries and other infrastructures across the municipality over the past years before showing his intention in joining the All Peoples Congress Party.

“These are the kind of people we need into politics, Tunde Mararthy is a house hold name in the western area, he has the passion and love to give back to community in diver ways,” sources close to the All Peoples Congress secretariat retorts.

“It’s high time the political class of All Peoples Congress Party starts giving position of trust to some of these distinguish personalities who have contributed immensely to the communities and the country as a whole.” Alimamy Turay of the APC explains.

“We wholeheartedly welcome comrade Tunde Macarthy to the All Peoples Congress Party,” he said “We know with victory is assured for the APC.

Macarthy who has crisscross the western area with his developmental projects is a well-known figure in the municipality and it will be a great asset for the APC ahead of the 2023 elections.

He has also employed hundreds of Sierra Leoneans directly or indirectly with his pools of businesses across the city which put him in a pole position against his challengers.

The All Peoples Congress Party needs someone like Tunde Macarthy ahead of the 2023 ballot; he is a crowd puller and has the wherewithal to compete his political opponents in any electioneering process.

Macarthy makes his name within the municipality with his continuous and nonstop projects which niche him as one of the best philanthropists in the country.

“It’s very difficult to find someone like Tunde Macarthy in present day Sierra Leone,” Mariatu Kamara retorts. “He used his physical money devoid of politics,” she reveals, “his works within the municipality is unprecedented to say the least.

“I hope the All Peoples Congress Party will encourage him and not allowed other political party to lure him away.

The bringing of Tumac Radio station was a blessing to the eastern community as the station gives the leverage in bringing the government closer to the people thereby opening the space for objective and independent discuss in line with the Independent Media Code of practice.

Popular programs such as Opinion poll, Report Card and Around Sierra Leone has being very instrumental to Sierra Leoneans as the programs showcases the high and low of the both the central and local government.

The Tumac radio station has being a blessing to thousands of Sierra Leoneans who on a daily basis continue to shower praises on Tunde Macarthy for the bringing government closer to the people.

The radio station is very objective, unbiased and impartial as workers are professionally doing their best to accommodate critical voices from the various political parties in the country.

“We have professional and qualified workers in the radio,” Deputy Station Manager of the radio said.

“We are aware that the owner of the station is a politician who gives us free and unguided working code of ethics,” Charlie Mahoi explains.

“Ask the listeners, they will tell you that Tumac Radio stands for the truth as objectivity and fairness is our watchword which resonates with each and every staff in the radio.

The 2018 election exposes the All Peoples Congress Party in the western area as the APC Parliamentary and Councillorship seats were taken away by the Sierra Leone Peoples Party as compared with 2007 and 2012 general elections, but with Tunde Macarthy the All Peoples Congress Party will regained all those seats.


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