Tribute to the late Abou Whyte

Tribute to the late Abou Whyte

Cheerio, Abou Whyte

You have accomplished a calling

With gong and aplomb

The mastery of aptitude

The riveting deep-toned voice

Great proponent and guardian of our well-regarded ethos

There was in you a singer, drummer, painter and sculpture

I still hear your name

Engraved in the tongues of the masses

I still hear your voice

“Good morning Sierra Leone; Good afternoon, Freetown”

The melodies playing from the stereos

Marinating across the atmosphere

Of Foullah Town, OK-Murray, Fourah Bay, Aberdeen and beyond

A name renowned among our people

The Mohammedans and Christians, a son and brother

The dimly stridden days

Of Merry-Go Jazz

The Muyei Power

The parade of lanterns through the streets of Freetown

Fredrick Street, Freetown Central One

The envy and elegance of Vimto Lantern

Coupled with the rhythm of the boubou

The echoes of the tabule

Or the rumbling of the goombay

At the dance of ashobi

There was the watch of Tahajud

The congregation of believers

For the festivity of Eid Ul-Fitr

Paint memmories anew

This lingering nostalgia mixed with the existent reality

Sends outpouring of celebration and lamentation

Deep at this juncture

Is the salatu janaza

Al Jana welcomes you.

Randolph L. A. Wilson


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