Tribute for the Late Abdul Banya Braima

Tribute for the Late Abdul Banya Braima

By Newman Anthony Levey

I came to know the late Abdul Banya Braima through his wife Hawa Baby Braima at Njala University in 2008.

Hawa introduced me to her husband; the late man as her course mate.  Late Abdul Banya Braima used to take Hawa to campus on daily basis.

When we completed our course, it was difficult to see “Power” as he was fondly called.

Hawa used to tell us that she has a caring husband who loved her so much. Indeed Hawa was saying the truth!

Now Abdul Banya Braima as a journalist.

I one day turned to Kiss Radio in Bo in the morning and heard Abdul reading news in English. I said oh! This man is versatile. I  one day met him at Kiss Radio. We spoke lengthily ! He told me “Levey” a dae wit Kiss Radio oh but go dae help me with stories. Everyday you must publish stories and I loved your write up. I promised helping him. I started sending him stories wherever I publish. I decided to add Abdul ( late) to my WhatsApp forum called “Friends of Newman Levey “.  I told him, Power credible stories are sent to my forum from parliament and through colleagues.

Power voice was nice while reading news. I said  wow! he is a better replacement to Pa. Bah.

Early this year, I went to his office on Njalu Road, he welcomed me and ensured that I am comfortable there. I told him Power, I am here to officially inform you that I want to run for Secretary General for the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) South. He gave me his blessings and immediately endorsed me. 

He wrote a beautiful story of my intention to run for the said position and sent the story to the SLAJ forum.

The few times he joined us, I indeed enjoyed his presence in the media

He was a creative journalist. He was opened to all.  Most of the media houses in Bo were inviting him to go and talk around issues making news in the country. Power will make himself available.

Power as a Civil society chairman.

I saw his poster that he was running for CSO Chairmanship. He won the election. I wrote and published a story on social media about his victory.  Abdul Banya Braima had very good plans for CSO’s. His plans were to make civil society viable and enviable in Bo.

At the Bo West Police Station one month ago, he told me and two other CSO’s, how he want to transform civil society in Bo District. He said” I want to change the narrative about how people perceived us.”

Power your good plans has faded away through death. You have beautiful ideas. You were a very promising young man. Sierra Leone would have benefited more from you. But oh ya death is a painful thing.

Hawa your husband is gone. He used to Cook, wash the clothing, wash the vehicle and motor bike, just to encourage you.

I am surely going to miss Abdul Solomon Banya Braima. The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists SLAJ will miss you. The People of Sierra Leone will continue to miss you.

We can’t question God for your death.


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