To Those Who Have Political Godfather

Go to the market now and call their names to buy goods at cheaper price.

To our die hearted supporters:

Go to the bureau and present your party membership card to change $100 to Le 1,025,000.

To those who only think about their regions:

Go to hospitals and tell them I’m from the North, South, East or West and get free and good medical care.

To those who think about tribal: Go to the market and tell them I’m Themne, Mende, Limba, Fullah, Krio etc. and they will sell a bag of rice to you at Le 350,000.

It’s obvious that politicians have learned that we are so cheap and blinded by our sentiments and they capitalize on it to be playing football with our brains. We are all suffering today: We are united in hunger. We are friends in poverty. We are neighbors in pains. We are relatives in low standard of living.

We are partners in unemployment. We are brothers and sisters in corruption.

We are equal in selective justice, just to mention but few. But when it’s time for election:

We are divided by political party, region, tribe, names, etc. It’s time to do things right!

 United we enjoy! Divided we suffer! Land that we love our Sierra Leone at 60.


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