Those Drumming the Idea of WAR!!!!

Those Drumming the Idea of WAR!!!!

1. The politicians (APC OR SLPP) you fight for will never have their sons and daughters to join the fight. They will instead fish them out of the country and give you the guns and machetes to destroy yourselves and the poor, innocent citizens. When the war is over and you are dead and gone, they will bring their children back and give them the fat jobs.

2.  What happened to the commanders of the RUF? What about the boys and girls they used? Tell me about any of those fighters who gained anything from the war. Where is Foday Sankoh? Where is Mosquito? How did they end?

3. What positive change did the war bring to Sierra Leone? Did Salone get better or worse as a result of the war? Those who managed to flee the war still remember the molestation they went through in neighboring countries.

4. Hunger is very bad. Yes hunger is a killer. But better to live in a “Hungry Country” than live in a country of hatred and bloodshed.

5. War means destroying the future of our children and demolishing the civilization that patriotic S/Leoneans have worked for over the years.

6. You senseless warmongers, do you know why the children, wives and girlfriends of the politicians you want to fight for are still in S/Leone at this time of Covid-19? It is because there are no commercial flights, but more so because Covid-19 is everywhere: England, France, USA etc. They would have sent their families to places of safety and they will only bring them back when the crisis is over, and you the crazy supporters may have died.

This is no politics. This is true.

Love yourself. Save your life.

Love your country. Save Salone for our children.


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