The Success of Mayor Komba Mathew Sam

The Mayor for Koidu Sembehun township His Worship Mayor Komba Mathew Sam as the adage goes is a development-orient personality with the knack to push things when the need arise.

More precisely, what this gentle man has done is numerous to the admiration of his critics across his jurisdiction.

The latter with the help of his able councillors have built 36 culverts just in two years that has bridged the gap between places that were inaccessible.

He has also succeeded in building waste management site at D.O barrack that is going to be launched January, 2021. Funds he secured from WHH.

Due to his lobbying power in collaboration with the first lady, Kono will be proud to have a modern clock tower.

He has also succeeded in renovating council schools and the construction of youth center that were abandoned by the past administration.

Electrified two PHUs that were long neglected legated in Kensay and Koeyoh respectively which will encouraged more women to visits the centre as part of the free health care scheme.

The Rehabilitation of Kamadu PHU from the funds he secured by the help of the central government, due to his skills was able to construct modern youth training centre by old police station; funds he secured from common wealth local government forum in Ghana.

The construction of dump site at Boroma, Tankoro procured two Dyna for a door to door waste collection by youth groups.

The Mayor has also procured one tractor and shredder that is now in active function to ease the filth across the municipality; one Toyata forerunner for project monitoring.

In collaboration with Kono progressive union he has constructed modern toilet at Gbense market and also eradicated the mountainous garbage at Gbense market.

In the educational sector His Worship the Mayor has succeeded in the construction of class room building at the Islamic secondary school that is now in use and the construction of four (4) borehole water well at Bongalow market, hill station, Sukudu new site, kissy town Njala respectively.

The procurement of plasma TV for Koidu government hospital was a pleasant boosts for workers of the hospital and the Xray machine at the Koidu hospital was a step in the right direction.

Sources close to the Mayor says leadership is not about opportunity, but it is about responsibility.


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