Generally, in life so to speak, the way man actually behaves and acts is an exact embodiment of the evolving social, economic and political trends as well as environmental influences he/she engenders. Man, in every respect and throughout his/her life stages has to face, feel, taste and even witness or encounter real life experiences that will gradually, in real-time, mold and shape his/her actual existence here on earth. So it is for this simple reason that many times psychological as well as biological scientists always postulate that environment makes a man. This really means that the environment, most times, define the distinctive and unique characters one man exhibits in direct contrast to his fellow man from another environment.

For this as well as other reasons, the behavioral treats of two children born and bred in two distinct geographical areas as well as social ambiances will clearly be noticeable when they are observed at close range. For instance let us assume that a newly suckling mum and her baby are taken into a densely isolated forest environment and the mother and including others protecting their safety are barred from the normal means of communication among themselves as well as with the child. Therefore, the child in question will grow up without coherent speech. This means when the child grows up he/she will not be able to talk coherently, because man during his/her growing up stage learns from his/her parents as well as others around him/her at her tender, toddler childhood stages. This has been scientifically proven to be true and factual.

All these facts clearly underscore that people behave differently as a direct result of their upbringing in terms of moral ethics and religious teachings. Therefore, the diverse homes, local communities and national environments in real-time determine the manner in which all men behave and therefore, act differently. A boy from Kroo Bay will, no doubt, behave and do things quite distinct from another boy from Spur Road; so also people in and around Bo will appear different from those in and around Kabala. Culturally also, one tribe will live different lifestyle when compared with another tribe in the same region or nation.

Equally also, the behavioral attitude of citizens in one nation will be at variance with others of another nation. Interestingly though, in the same vain, ethnic groups within a nation and those of other nations within the same geographical location may tend to display similar behavioral patterns or actions. Therefore, it is very clear to stipulate that the behavioral patterns humans display from time to time will be closely related to our home, local community upbringing. Because the traits most humans exhibit are directly influenced by the home, local community, socio-economic and political environments we grow up so to speak.

It therefore, begs the question how religiously, morally upright as well as sincere are parents and guidance’s ready to train up their young ones they so cherish to be responsible,  honest, faithful, loyal, dependable, peaceful, obedient, tolerant, patient, generous, God fearing, love one another, content, slow to anger, good listener and patriotic. For if bad parents and society fail to train, mould and shape the mindset of their own children, they will not only be failing their children but also the nation at large.

Also, it is indeed true that we will, all the time, have different kinds and classes of people. At the same time, there is equally every need for us to maintain and uphold our class status. But in the same vein, parents must not lose sight of their sacred duties of training up their children the way they should go, so as they grow up day in and day out they will not go astray and wayward. For this parents including our religious leaders and other stakeholders need to do more if we are to have a peaceful and politically stable Sierra Leone.

All the same, our socio-economic and political dynamics have continued to evolve from the early years of our independence on to this day. But as a direct result of our lack of good parenting attributes and the woefully failure on the part our toxic socio-economic and political environment, there has been very remarkable loss of the virtues society must maintain and uphold for the common good of all. I say so because what I have seen exposed to and heard from those who have been on earth much longer than I am speak volumes. In all of these, what is unbelievably a great concern to me and other people of humane virtues is the setup of our different homes, local communities and broader societies in Africa and Sierra Leone in particular. This social trend has been replicated in our both local and state governance structures as well as public institutions. Because of the same evil trabd, justice is sold to the highest bidder whilst other social benefits for worthy Sierra Leoneans are given away to the sons and daughters of the rich, the high and mighty or other relatives as well as other people for some mean considerations or otherwise.

In that direction, the unique social interaction and cohesion setup in diverse nations across Africa is completely at variance with other nations in other parts of the world. So we are to attempt to comparatively assess and evaluate the social and political setup of all nations including Sierra Leone in an open and meticulous manner. The ensuing findings of such assessments and evaluations of the socio-political settings of Sierra Leone and other nations in Africa as well as elsewhere will be astoundingly nerve-wrecking. For better clarity, it is very clear to note that the use of state resources for the benefit of the people in African, Asian, Arab, North American nations is completely different from other nations in Europe and the USA. The unfolding realities over the distinct stages of human evolution based on the fundamental concepts of human nature with the passage of time continue to environmentally influence our traditional and cultural beliefs as well as the inheritent mindsets of the people and wherever they happen to find themselves from time to time through migration.

In all of these, the real environmental impacts be it social, economic or political ramifications on the global population are very clear. This makes Sierra Leone a very unique country. Because even though Sierra Leoneans pose to be friendly and hospitable, they actually do not show true love for their fellow countrymen. In fact, at the same time they tend to be overtly religious. At the same time, most often majority of my countrymen are filled with greed, heartedness, meanness, pomposity, tribalistic, regionalists, impatience selfishness, intolerance and openly show a great deal of hypocrisy, injustice and lack of national vision which virtue has the propensity to benefit all Sierra Leoneans irrespective of one’s social, economic and political status.

Therefore, as a result of neglect and bad parenting, we are forced to always live and at the same time find ourselves in a very negative social environment. As such, unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans in the game of politics dressed in vampire and wolves clothing will misuse our youths by crafty brainwashing them with tribal and regional heartedness in their blood thirsty bid to gain political powers. As soon as their selfish dreams and aspirations have been achieved majority of the youths except a few are left to roam the streets with no direction for their future and therefore the country.

As things stand now, it will be good and beneficial for all of us to go on our knees asking God to intervene in a Devine way. Because, the children from parents who become rich and influential through corrupt or unjustified means will never see such vices as social evils. So, untill this vicious chain is totally broken through good parenting and positive intervention from the society, the future of our beloved country will ever remain bleak. And the poor and neglected will continue to wallow in abject poverty and deprivation. For this reason, good parents and a conscious society must now start to chart a very decent way forward by training and moulding our children to be caring, responsible, loving with true and fairness as they are growing up.


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