All you Girl child advocates must just give us a break. Now a video of a school girl indulging in some sexual exploits is viral and you raise your voice with press releases all over the place. Well thanks for your reactionary, knee jack approach.

When will u spear head an advocacy to restore morality in our children when will u step up to the occasion to tell our children it is wrong to engage in such activities at their age. When will we also draw a line between “feminism” and “gender” now the girl is considered the victim what about the boy?

I want to ask you all where were you when 39 year old Sata was brutally gang raped by 7 men in Kailahun after the 2018 elections. Where were you when a rape incident occurred in Bonthe involving a female traditional leader?

Where were you when women and girls are been ravished in Kambia, Portloko, Moyamba, and all other parts of the country?

When would you stop selecting the issues you take up and advocate for every woman or girl in such position.

Government says pregnant girls must go to school u accept it well these are the steps to pregnancy let’s accept this too.

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