Awolowo was investigated for Corruption under Coker Inquiry, later tried for Treason in a regular court, he never said it was because he was a Christian or Yoruba. He defended himself, and when his lawyer was denied entry visa to Nigeria, and his first son, an acclaimed international lawyer,  was coming to the court to defend him, he died in a road accident on his way to the Court..Abraham Adesanya broke the news to Awo inside the Court, he expected Awo to start weeping but he did not.

Awo called the attention of the Judge to the development and asked for permission to defend himself and other Accused.

“Segun is dead already, we that are alive must defend ourselves so that we dont die too. This is treason, we must defend ourselves first before we mourn my beloved son”

LEADERS are made!

AWO was a true leader that served his people altruistically unlike the egocentric “LEADERS here in Nigeria…… You know them now.

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