During the company end of year party, the Public Relation Officer of Socfin Agricultural Company has described the General Manager of the company as a brightest, calmest most remarkable well read and meticulous gentleman.

“He has a natural sense of order and able to juggle half dozen tasks, he is tough minded but scrupulously fair I found and I could trust him without question, every day working with Philip is a joy and I treasured our friendship.” He said noting that the success of the agricultural company lies squarely to the meticulous gentlemen.

“Saturday December21st 2019 marks another red letter day in the life of our baby Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Limited; born in the year 2011 to Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District; but already coming out of age as Socfin can today boast of over forty five thousand acres of improved variety of oil palm plantation together with ongoing expansion of the oil mill from thirty tons to sixty tons per hour considered the largest in this part of Africa with our workforce put between four and five thousand and salaries closed to two billion Leones for every month.

In brief Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Limited has for five years running taking into mechanical rice cultivation of vast boli lands and IVS of over one thousand acres which has been made available to the population with the view of cushioning food availability as we add value to the land in and around the chiefdom

Of immense importance SAC has continue to leave up to her Corporate Social Responsibility in the areas of providing water wells and toilets facilities, constructing Community barriers while engaging into endless road repairs twice in every year as in the case of Sahn / Koribondo and Sahn/ Pujehun highways besides providing the communities with countless accessible road networks and bridges in and around the concession areas.

Another thing worth mentioning is the company’s biggest intervention in the area of health facilities now provided with water and power supplies as in Taninahun and in Sahn which has been given additional building as we keep complementing major health facilities all of which made it less dangerous for the then Ebola outbreak in the country to which SAC national and regional contributions up to date has remains very impressive and commended across the board

And as part of Socfin post Ebola activities the company has continue to refurbish schools making payments of salaries to community teachers whose names are not on the payroll for Malen Junior Secondary school, providing scholarship for successful BECE pupils while the issue of assisting the aged and the destitute and that of micro financing and establishment of fish ponds for Upper Malen are partly completed awaiting 2016.

Least I should not forget Socfin has constructed and furnished schools in Mallay, Bendu , Sinjoe, Kotumahun and is currently busy constructing a senior Secondary here in Sahn town closed to the Junior Secondary school 

In spite of the foregoing various attempts are been made to derail this moving train excepts that several of such negative attempts have not live to see the light of day as Socfin working in concert with the Govt. the local chiefs, Pujehun District Local Council, development and peace loving land owners have relentlessly stood side by side, shoulder to shoulder with the Management of Socfin and no doubt Socfin has always come out victorious, superb, strong and good to go as everyone can see 

In view of the foregoing I hereby encouraged this august gathering to continue to call on those of our compatriots out there to see every reason to timely join forces with Socfin for the betterment of Malen which has more to show in less ten years next to non-chiefdom in this part of Sierra Leone if not the country as a whole

Let us give Socfin a big clap and all other stakeholders our most sincere and profound thanks especially the workforce, our friends in the media for their indispensable professionalism, Govt. of HE President Brigadier Rtd Julius Maada Bio for her generous interest and Management and local chiefs for their tremendous efficiency as we celebrates our success stories for which we are gathered here


 We should henceforth reflect on our challenges and mistakes as we eat and drink with the view of positively correcting those mistakes while mapping out a better way forward

We must above all continue to do serious hard work particularly in the areas of our Corporate Social Responsibility to attract and if possible win over our detractors as together we can rebuild war torn Malen Chiefdom and Sierra Leone as a whole

On that note I now formally declared these celebrations open by firstly introducing the Chairman of this ceremony who needs no introduction and that is no other person but our Human Resource Manager Mr. Abu Amara a native of Malen Chiefdom.

Also let me in my capacity as the Public Relations Officer formerly in advance introduce our hard working General Manager Mr. Philip Tonks,

PRO End of Year Message

Socfin its annual end of year 2019 celebrations has organized sectional cultural dancing competition with Sengela section emerging the winner as against all nine sectional in a context dubbed as the mother of all Socfin yearly end of year festivals.

Declaring the ceremony opened the Public Relations Officer Easmon Moiguah described Socfin as a moving train and therefore encouraged all and sundry to join the development wagon gradually revamping the economy and rebuilding war torn Malen Chiefdom in spite of protracted propaganda by  detractors which the PRO say has failed to stick .

Giving the welcome  address on behalf of Hon PCBVS Kebbie, Chiefdom Speaker SR Moiguah as usual lavished praise adjectives on Socfin referring to the company’s ever growing impressive CSR as enormous which has kept growing next to non and further encouraged both Gov’t and land owning families to continue to do business with Socfin which is development oriented. The Chiefdom Speaker cited education, road works, food security, health assistance amongst many others as part of the work of Socfin

In his inspiring statement the General Manager Mr. Philip Tonks reassures workers and Govt of every effort by Socfin to continue to produce result and to bring more development into Sierra Leone in general

Various statements were made by workers, Union officer and land owning families who profusely thanked Socfin for good work done.

The ceremony was chaired by the Human Resource Manager Mr. Abu Amara.

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