Socfin Popularity Soar Across Sierra Leone

Socfin Popularity Soar Across Sierra Leone

By: Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr

One of the Members of Parliament who recently visited Socfin Agricultural Company has pleaded for anonymity to Guardian Post as he express his delights and mouthwatering disbelief when he and his other colleagues were having conducted tour within the concession of areas of the company.    

According to the legislator he is shock to see such an investment in Pujehun District, Sahn-Malen chiefdom and he would have happy if such investment was within his constituency which will make him one of the most successful lawmakers in the country.

The Guardian reechoed to the Parliamentarian that Sierra Leone can boasts of one of the largest oil planation in the continent which has created jobs for thousands of Sierra Leoneans thereby complimenting the government in jobs creation for our youthfully youths in the country.

Since the inception of the country in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom 90% of government officials, MDAS, Civil Society organization have all being applauding the progress and development in that once moribund chiefdom in the country.

The chiefdom was a skeleton of itself before the prompt intervention of the company as both the Paramount Chief, Chiefdom Speaker and residents within the chiefdom are all singing songs of praise for the arrival of the company in the chiefdom.

Paramount Chief Brima Victor Kebbie has being scouting for trustworthy and reliable companies to help pulled his chiefdom from dilapidated and ruined chiefdom and also helping his subjects to jobs for transformation in their life and families.

The company according to our information was looking at several options in the northern and southern part of the country on where they should invests their multi-dollar investment.

Upon their maiden arrival to the chiefdom along with Paramount Chief, Chiefdom Speaker and other traditional rulers across the chiefdom and the district respectively.

The appearance of the investors in Sahn-Malen was superb as both the traditional elders in the chiefdom and district were showering praises to the company who they believe will help to change the narratives in the chiefdom.

In all of these, Paramount Chief Kebbie and the various elders were again able to convince Gerben Haringsma and his team that Sahn-Malen Chiefdom is a virgin ground and the investor will prove him and his subjects that Sahn-Malen will bring the necessary goodies the investors are looking for.

Mass education and sanitization trickled over the chiefdom and the district that Sahn-Malen under the astute leadership of the Paramount Chief has lobby and was able to please the investors that indeed the agricultural company has given the green lights to get along with the project.

Immediately they were given the go-ahead the entire chiefdom was a works yard as reality overshadowed fiction with massive employment rate thereby helping successive government to stabilized the unemployment rates in the country.

The sparkling inception by the agricultural company is a big blessing to the Bio’s administration as the company can boast of one of the biggest employers in the country thereby opening the space for Sierra Leoneans to explore their talents in the agricultural sector.

Hundreds of workers and contractors who spoke to Guardian Post few days back applauded the staff solid relationship between workers and management.

“The relationship between management and staff of the company is superb,” he said noting that from General Manager to the least worker is a very affectionate and pleasant.

The Guardian Post makes an unannounced visit within the various department of the company in sampling the views of workers and even residents in the chiefdom.


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