SOCFIN Committed in Protecting the Forests

SOCFIN Committed in Protecting the Forests

Socfin Agricultural Company has joins the world in celebrating International Forest Day by showcasing protected forests within the company concession areas.  These are areas filled with indigenous trees and shrubs which are home to many birds, insects, reptiles, frogs, primates among others.  Many forests are logged and burned in Sierra Leone – at SAC we have a taskforce that helps to protect our forests. The protection of the forests in Malen Chiefdom has being one of the principal actions of the agricultural company. Chief Executive of Socfin Agricultural Company has reiterated that they will always protect the forests for intended used to the government and people of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom. General Manager of the company also made similar statement which shows the unwavering supports of Agricultural Company. Residents of Sahn Malen who spoke to this medium applauded the company in given back to the people as a way of doing their normal activities within and around the forests.

Before now there was several misinformation by certain individuals that the agricultural company have planted their fruits throughout the chiefdom without leaving any place for the people to do their traditional and cultural activities; but with the evidences in the pictures shows Sierra Leoneans and the world at large that the Agricultural Company is highly protecting the forests within Sahn-Malen Chiefdom.

Paramount Chief Victor Brima Kebbie also added his voice in the debate by complimenting the efforts of the company in protecting the forests for future generations.


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