Socfin Boss Declares 2021 as Year of Peace & Reconciliation

Socfin Boss Declares 2021 as Year of Peace & Reconciliation

By Easmon Moiguah In Sahn

Socfin Outspoken Board Member cum Kingpin Shareholder, Mr Gerben Haringsma has in his end of year massage marking his Christmas home visit called on MALOA, HOPANDA and all indigenes of Malen Chiefdom to come back to basics, smoke the peace pipe and embark on meaningful infrastructural developments, food security, poverty reduction  and environmental protection as already started .

Speaking in a nationwide broadcast, Mr Gerben Haringsma as usual reassures Journalists, CSOs and relevant stakeholders of Socfin’s fullest commitment to CSR, revamping the economy thereby providing job opportunities and meaningful infrastructural developments for an all-out win-win situation. Responding to questions relating to the global killer COVID-19 Mr Gerben Haringsma, praised President Bio and government for their positive handling of the endemic  outbreak well ahead of most advanced Nations and further underscores the importance of putting the economy on better footing .

On the matter regarding the increase in percentage of the lease rents to land owning families, the Socfin Shareholder replied in the positive saying that the additional payments made to Zone A will cut across all Socfin Zonal divisions.

 On the all-important message to workers the Outspoken Board member, commended management and the entire workforce, reaffirms the company’s commitment to raising standards.

He disclosed that the  extension work on the mill totally over thirty five million US dollars and from thirty to sixty tons per hour is partially complete and all being well the multi million dollars plant will be handed over on December 15th 2020.

Earlier Mr Gerben Haringsma debunked allegations marking the auditing tour of RSPO, noting that they are renowned for standard auditing and monitoring mechanism, the world over.

Similarly Socfin Sierra Leone General Manager, Mr Philip Tonks, proudly highlights the company’s role as player in the sustainable development of the country and Malen Chiefdom in particular.


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