SHOWER’S PEN TV Viewers Increase

SHOWER’S PEN TV Viewers Increase

A round tour to major Police Stations during the 3 days lockdown followed by the imposition of the 14 days curfew has indicated that no major arrests over violation of the lockdown were made instead at Lumley Police Stations, few people were arrested on lockdown days but were later released upon investigations that transportation along the route by passenger vehicles had been the main cause of arriving later.

A visit to the major consumable commodity business centers in the east of the Western Area has indicated that traders took advantage of price hike without evidence of hike in wholesale centers.

Most household, put the blame on the usual festival and other uncertain events where it has become habitual of traders to behave the same. Others say the lack of an act of Parliament that defines the mandate of Consumer Protection Agencies has incapacitated its actors to commit themselves in arrests without legal procedural undertakings.

A further survey on households reveal that most people with household television spent hours in viewing TV Stations of their choice. The survey also indicates that most film plate retailers especially those of Nigerian and Indian origin had double sales.

Another peculiar incident on many occasions is that most hill top dwellers feared that they might be victims of nocturnal attacks from armed robbers but no incident was reported. Police are however exiled themselves in secluded places in the Western Urban and Rural areas or take a break in their respective towns and villages.

Commercial drivers plying in the Eastern part of the city are still in violation to lessen their passengers despite collecting the previous transportation fare.


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