Sheka Sama Blunders Again!!!

Sheka Sama Blunders Again!!!

By: Alusine Sama

Hon. Sheka Sama and the Malen Land Owners Association (MALOA) have again refused to hold dialogue with the Community Liaison Department of Socfin Agricultural Company for reason best known to them.

The letter which was dated on the 14th of May, 2021 was to have a fruitful discussion with the Malen Land Owners Association (MALOA) so as to strengthen the communication and coordination between the company and the association.

The liaison department of the agricultural company is aware of the need of preventing conflicts in avoiding adverse consequences including unnecessary tensions within its operational areas and the district as a whole.

The liaison department believes that communication has a big role to play in conflict management and that misinformation always results in misunderstandings and conflicts.

According to our information, there has being countless invitations by the agricultural company to the Malen Land Owners Association for a tet-a-tet discussion but all has being turned down by the association in the full view of Hon. Sheka Sama.

During the working visits of President Julius Maada Bio in Sahn Malen he called on the company, chiefdom authorities and the Member of Parliament to have a peaceful discussion and dialogue for a better and more unifying chiefdom; but the attitude of the Member of Parliament and his MALOA organization are a deliberate ploy to sabotage the call of the President.

‘This is not the first time we’ve called on MALOA and Hon. Sheka Sama to a roundtable discussion,’ Joseph Belmoh Head of Liaison Department, Socfin Agricultural Company explains.

‘One of the biggest shareholders of our company has personally invited the Malen Land Owners Association and Hon. Sheka Sama to several meetings both in Freetown and Sahn-Malen of which the Member of Parliament and MALOA has being given unrealistic excuses of which the latter has met with Gerben Haringsma has met few time with Sheka Sama without any substantial agreements reach.  

Gerben Haringsma has being so magnanimous and open-minded to Hon. Sheka Sama and MALOA that the latter has to personally call and texts Sheka Sama on issues he believes Mr. Sama should do for the benefit og his people.

‘This is not the first meetings we’ve organized inviting Hon. Sheka Sama and MALOA to come and voice out their opinions and feelings so we can educate each other’s for a better and more peaceful Sahn Malen chiefdom’. Voices from the Liaison department of the company enthused.

‘As a company we are completely disappointed by the attitude of the Malen Land Owners Association (MALOA) who keeps portraying the company in an undesirable manner.

‘Our doors are open at any point in time, our position as a company is clearer as we will continue to transformed and repositioned Sahn-Malen Chiefdom to Sierra Leoneans and the world at large.

The Liaison department of the Agricultural Company has being very instrumental in engaging community people within its operational area on the misinformation and dishonesty by certain individuals including that of the Member of Parliament.

The Chairman for Malen Land Owners Association; Bockarie Koroma is completely not in charge of the association as he take instructions directly from the Independent Member of Parliament on what to do and not what to do.

Bockarie, in a telephone conversation with Guardian Post admitted that he is ready to hold talks with the company at any point in time; but the rejection from holding talks with the company by MALOA is directly coming from Sheka Sama who is using Bockarie Koroma and few others for his personal concern.

‘I am ready to hold talks with Socfin Agricultural Company,’ Bockarie was quoted as saying.

‘Me and Mr. Belmoh have talk on several occasion to see how we can engaged the company for a win-win situation, MALOA don’t have the power and authority to discourage Socfin out of Sahn-Malen’. He confesses.

If Sierra Leoneans want to know why the popularity of the Member of Parliament for constituency 104 id dwindling they should visits his constituency and see how his popularity is declining on a daily basis.

One of the most controversial villages within Malen Chiefdom over the past days apologized and confessed to the Paramount Chief that Hon. Sheka Sama abused, exploited and deceived them for his personal gains.

The people of Bendu were very antagonistic and aggressive within the chiefdom; but in a jam-packed meeting over the weekend they asked for forgiveness from the Paramount Chief and openly acknowledge that were following Sheka Sama blindly.

Some of their stories are very touching and moving that some of them have to cry after seeing some of their colleagues taking active role in the agricultural company thereby able to take care of their families.

‘We will never supports or votes for Shiaka Sama again,’ they explain.

‘We the youths and elders of Bendu village are happy for the development in our chiefdom, we’ve completely denounced Shiaka and his MALOA group, we want work to feed and clothe our children and parents.

The people of Sahn-Malen chiefdom have realized that Sheka Sama has being misleading them for years and after realizing that facts they have apologized to the Paramount Chief and assured him of peace and tranquility across the chiefdom, all of these people are landowning families.

Other members from the Malen Land Owners Association (MALOA) from other villages are trooping the residence of the Paramount Chief calling for forgiveness, mercy, compassion and for all the rebellion they have committed in the chiefdom in the past years.

Supporters of Shiaka Sama are holding meetings across the chiefdom denouncing and condemning Shiaka Sama and the Malen Land Owners Association for deceiving and misleading them to reap from their fathers and mothers land.

Villages such as Borbu, Sengama and Ngadohun have come in the open to say sorry to the chiefdom authorities and the agricultural company for the instabilities and insecurities they have done in the chiefdom in past years.

In an interview with the Guardian Post some of them admit that they have been blind for many years following the misinformation and half-truth coming from Sheka Sama just to please his ego and character.

‘Have mercy on us Paramount Chief, we have offended you and the people of Sahn-Malen including that of the agricultural company,’ they openly acknowledge.

‘We want work; we are ready to work with the chiefdom authorities and the company for a better Malen’. They chanted.

Hundreds of these people calling for clemency from the Paramount Chief and the chiefdom people were avid followers of Hon. Sheka Sama but after supporting him for years without seeing anything they realized to now work hand in hand the chiefdom authorities for a better working relationship.

Shiaka Sama according to them is no more popular within Sahn Malen Chiefdom; he has lost it completely, his tactics and strategies are no more working again, we are now complimenting the efforts of the Paramount Chief and nothing else,’ youthful voices of Malen Chiefdom explains.

Some of us supported the course of Hon. Sheka Sama during his anti-activities in the chiefdom, after years as Member of Parliament we came to the realization that the latter is enemy of progress in his own motherland.

‘How can you tell your own people to be rebellious in your own constituency? They alleged.

The angry exuberance youths challenged Mr. Sama to show how many development he has brought to his constituency during his 8yrs as Member of Parliament.

Hon. Sheka Sama has become irrelevant within his constituency and he is fighting tooth and nail to crossover to the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party to regain his popularity.

A senior member of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party who spoke to this medium from Pujehun District was quick to dismiss the rumors saying joining the SLPP does not guaranteed someone to have immediate position as the sons and daughters of the party will determined that.

Shiaka Sama according to residents of Bendu village says the latter is only using them for his personal interest and nothing else.

Paramount Chief Kebbie chiefdom is calm and quiet as residents are now applauding the development strides happening in the chiefdom.


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