Security Threats… ‘Hastings Village Is Not Safe’ ….Headman

Security Threats…  ‘Hastings Village Is Not Safe’  ….Headman

By: Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr

The Headman for Hastings Village Community has in a telephone interview with this medium blasted that his community is not safe and urgently need the help of the central government to instilled confidence to his people after the shooting of an innocent soul.

According to Abdul Sesay, the land which Rebecca Douglas is claiming belongs to the deceased family and the latter has being using the Anti-Land Grabbing Units at Ross-Road Police Station to intimidate the Kargbo family for their land times without number.

The Headman furthered explains that Rebecca Douglas has explored various avenues from Ross Road Division to the Ministry of Lands of which officials of the Ministry have advised her to step off from the land as the property belongs to the deceased family.

‘Hastings is a peaceful community,’ he said. ‘I am calling on the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Lands to urgently intervene for sanity to prevail in the community.

Alpha Kargbo, (deceased) according to the chairman came from a very humbled family and his alleged death by OSD officer will forever pain residents of Hastings Community.

Chairman Sesay in his submission called for speedy investigation into the death of Alpha Kargbo and urged the Sierra Leone Police to openly distance themselves from Rebecca Douglas and the ‘killer’ police officer.   

‘As Headman of Hastings I am totally perplex and disturbed with the crude action of the police; the land belongs to the Kargbo Family and not to the Inspector has used the police to shoot and kill our brother; this is unfortunate, officers at Ross Road Police Station knows that Madam Douglas is using the police to steal what does not belongs to him.

The headman also criticized the anti-land grabbing units at Ross Road police station as immature and sometimes team up with land grabbers to steal lands from people within his village.

‘I have received several complained by community people in which security apparatus (Military and Police) conniving with land grabbers to steal land from hapless people in the village,’ he alleged.

‘Why should a police officer fired someone for his bonafide land? He asked, this is injustice to the highest degree and we want justice for our late brother.

The no nonsense chairman also implicated officers of the Sierra Leone Police of indiscriminate arrests of his people which he said was a deliberate attempts in silencing the youthful population who were protesting the death of one of their icon in the village.

The chilling video across the social media depicting the exchange of words between the police officers and the deceased was so peaceful that it should not have warranted any gunshots from the OSD.

Various youths who spoke to this medium over the weekend from Hastings Village condemned the ‘happy-triggered’ police officers who according to the youths should have being more professional in investigating the issues.

‘The killing of Alpha Kargbo alias ‘Wandada’ is still fresh in our minds, we are calling on the government to speedy intervene and give justice to the Kargbo’s family.

The Hastings community which housed the Sierra Leone Police Training School and the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Training Camp has being in loggerhead for on issues of disputed land brouhaha.

The Village Chairman refused to mince his words by drawing into conclusion that the presence of both forces within their village is a hoodoo to the community.

A family representative who spoke to this medium via telephone says they are in shock and it will take years to forget this great loss of their brother, father, husband, uncle and community icon in the hands of happy triggered police officers.

The wife, children before our reporter leaves the grieving house were in unconsciousness as community elders and neighbors continued to give them words of consolations.

However, a press release from the Sierra Leone Police has somehow given hope to the bereaved family.

According to the release, preliminary investigations conducted so far reveal that the incident emanated from a land dispute between the deceased and another resident of the village. On suspicion that Alpha Kargbo was fatally injured, some residents of the village went on the rampage be setting roadblocks, burning down homes, throwing missiles and damaging property within the village.

Thirteen suspects are currently in police custody and the four police officers whom were alleged to have been involved in the fatal shooting were also arrested.

Furthermore, the youths of Hastings have appealed to the Sierra Leone to stay off from the funeral procession of the deceased at a date to be announced by the family with consultation with the community.


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