Samura Kamara: The Man to Watch

Samura Kamara: The Man to Watch

I was at a wedding ceremony today 5 December 2019 when I realize that Dr. Samura Kamara is not just a father to his biological children but a father to many.

The Masjid was virtually empty and Samura Kamara came just after the commencement of the ceremony. He came in quietly and peaceably with his smart blue suit and sat behind until he was requested to go to the front.

Fifteen minutes later, there was noise outside the Masjid. With my security consciousness, I decided to check only to see hundreds of people outside saying ” We yeri say we papa Dr. Samura dae inside the mosque.

Five minutes later, I decided to go inside the mosque again to continue the marriage ceremony, there and then I realized even my sitting position in the mosque was no more. The mosque is packed full with people who by their dress code did not go there for the wedding but because Samura is in the mosque.

I had to stand and waited till the end of the ceremony which was rushed to conclusion by the Imams, may be to avoid the basharia scenario.

After the ceremony, many people were outside shouting papa!! Papa!!!Papa!!!Papa!!!Papa I was amused at his smiles but trust me the comments I heard after his departure gives me the conclusion that he indeed a father to all.


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