Samura Kamara Inspires Hope to APC

Samura Kamara Inspires Hope to APC

The APC 2018 Presidential aspirant, Dr. Samura Kamara is in Ward 210, Constituency 062, Samu chiefdom, Kambia district ahead of a local council bye election slated for Saturday.

Dr Kamara left Freetown for the riverine ward to grace the last campaign rally of the All People’s Congress. Dr. Kamara made stopovers at towns and villages along the Scarcies River before making his way to Ward 210 to identify himself with the APC supporters and to instill in them a sense of hope and confidence.

The 2018 presidential aspirant was received by crowds of people chanting pro APC songs and registering their determination to deliver the Ward to the APC. The people weaved the name of Dr. Samura Kamara and the candidate Chernor Hassan Kanu in songs and also referenced their appalling conditions as well as their desire to see the APC return to the helm in 2023.

Gracing the rally and delivering a short statement, Dr. Kamara stated that the party is aware of their suffering and that was why he had to leave the comfort of Freetown to identify himself with them and joined his colleagues to garner support for their candidate. He encouraged them to continue to be steadfast in their trust and belief in the APC. Dr. Kamara further implored them to come out in their numbers and to vote for their popular candidate who will lead the transformation in the area ahead of the APC bouncing back to power in 2023.

The 2018 presidential aspirant urged the stakeholders of Kambia to unite for the general good of the district and further drew the people’s attention to what the APC did for them, while also pointing out that the party will do more if given the support it needs to come back to power.

Dr. Kamara finally asked the people of the ward to correct the mistakes of the past by voting the APC candidate who is Chernor Hassan Kanu aka Capable. He stated that government implies continuity, and that democracy does not imply two terms as perceived by the people, but the government enjoys another term based on development. Dr. Kamara said that in his own genuine estimation, the New Direction government has failed to deliver on its campaign promises. He ended by telling APC supporters that the party is in the process of democratic transformation which will place the people at the heart of decision making in the party .He called on all to remain committed in their support of the APC and its candidate.


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