‘Prince Harding Is the Cornerstone of SLPP’ …SLPP Supporters

‘Prince Harding Is the Cornerstone of SLPP’  …SLPP Supporters

By: Cecil Cole-Showers

Supporters of the embattled Chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party have challenged rivalry candidates contesting for the chairmanship of the SLPP in the yet to be announced delegates confab of the party to forget about the social media mudslinging and defamation and show what their respective candidates can give to the party ahead of the 2023 elections.

According to followers of the besieged Chairman, Prince Alex Harding was few of the individuals that stand strong with Julius Maada Bio that tormented and distressed the several factions within the party in the buildup to the 2018 elections.

During the last term of the All Peoples Congress party Ernest Bai Koroma regime and the second term of Sierra Leone People’s Party in opposition the leadership of SLPP became chaotic that almost landed the party into disarray but was quickly rescued by Prince Harding and few others.

The latter at that time was serving as the Deputy National Chairman and Leader of SLPP and has to frustrate Chief Somano Kapen who several supporters of the party believe was one of fifth columnist in the party.

Harding, who goes with the nicknamed as ‘Bullet’ won the delegate conference with the help of Julius Maada Bio at against Dr. Manyehh of Kono.

All aspiring candidates who have the blessing of Julius Maada Bio won their respective position at the delegate conference; prior to the election the tormentor for the All Peoples Congress Party was the Publicity Secretary of the SLPP Lahai Lawrence Leeman alongside Prince Harding who played a pivotal role for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party to win the 2018 elections.

The propaganda machine of the SLPP was spirited and lively that Lahai Lawrence Leeman gave the All Peoples Congress Party a run for their money.

Supporters of SLPP who spoke to this medium gave a confirmation that the Sierra Leone Peoples Party without Prince Harding is a vehicle without a driver.

‘Prince Harding is uncontestable within the rank and file of the SLPP, his political acumen and wisdom will continued to drive the Sierra Leone Peoples Party to the promising land like he did in the 2018 elections.

Critical minds of the party have mobilized and engaged senior officials of the party including the President to think twice and not allowed self-image to destroy the party.

According to the grassroots, Dr. Harding contested in a tough national delegate elections to become the administrative head of the party of which he won convincingly and also gave assurances to the Julius Maada Bio that he will bring the party to power cones 2018 of which he did with the supports of other foot soldiers in the party.

Prince Harding is one of the most experience people within the SLPP which gave him the pedigree and purebred to re-elect again as Chairman of the Party.

‘He can’t be humiliated by those whom many described as Job seekers who cannot even withstand the breathing air from the nose of APC come 2023/4 general elections. Dr. Harding finds pleasure in making king like president Bio.


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