Prince Alex Harding: A Blessing to the SLPP

Prince Alex Harding: A Blessing to the SLPP

The conducted and challenging trip by The Guardian Post over the past days in the South-East has proven to us that Dr. Prince Harding is still a force to reckon with within the From Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) as delegates are ready to pay him back for re-election.

Prince Harding is undisputedly the movers and shakers of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party as all the shenanigans and mischiefs by miniature individuals who are using the social media to say all sorts of gibberish and babbled against someone who have given his wherewithal to the SLPP has fail in their baseless calumny to a great son of the party.

Sampling the views and opinions from SLPPians in Kenema it was vividly clear that the grassroots and stakeholders of the party are still behind the chairman of National Privatization Commission who they confessed have the knack and character to represents the party in every shape of form.

“Dr. Harding is one of the movers and shakers of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party,” they said. “He knows the in and out of the party, the strategy he used during 2018 elections with the supports of other members was unbelievable and incredible to some of us.

During the 2018 elections Prince Harding and few others wholeheartedly devoted and dedicated themselves to the objective of President Julius Maada as the party was fragmented, disjointed, disorganized and jumpy as stakeholders in the party openly campaign against the current President during the multitier elections.

“Prince Alex Harding motivated and inspired supporters and sympathizers of the SLPP to have confidence and faith in the leadership of Julius Maada Bio candidacy and assured us that he will win the 2018 for the party,” they reflected.

“Harding was booed and given all sorts of names by some of his own comrades just because he was in supports of Julius Maada Bio Presidency,” they recalled. “Some of these stakeholders were doing all sorts of negativity to frustrate the efforts of the pro Maada Bio supporters. Doing all those things Prince Harding was unwavering in his quest to see that Maada Bio became triumphant in his Presidency.

Harding went through trial and tribulations when he was Deputy Leader and Chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party; his love and affectionate for Julius Maada Bio during his days in opposition speaks volume of his loyalty and faithfulness to the Presidency.

“Delegates of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party know the characters of Prince Harding; they know him for his zest and enthusiasm for the SLPP and Julius Maada Bio as individual.

“The other social media aspirants who are exposing their ineptitude and childish behaviors of leadership to Sierra Leoneans and the membership of the SLPP should check themselves and ask what they have done for the party over the years.” Stakeholders of the party in Kenema District, Levuma chiefdom reveals.

From Kenema to Bo the story are the same in applauding the fortitude and resilience leadership of Prince Harding as stakeholders in Bo District are fully behind the re-election of the latter who they say deserves re-election.

“It’s time to pay him back for all the disadvantages and challenges he has gone through in the Party,” supporters of the party in Bo chanted.

“Harding is a born leader who has the audacity and fearlessness to take on any other political leadership in the country to articulate issues that are of important to the country.

After the 2012 elections the leadership of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party became chaotic and confused that almost landed the party into disarray but was quickly rescued by Prince Harding and the pro Maada supporters who challenged and exposed all the fifth-columnists of party.

Prince Harding with his loyal and astute lieutenants like the current National Publicity Secretary Lahai Lawrence Leema and National Secretary General Umaru Napoleon Koroma were able to reshape and repositioned the party that fit into the grassroots and stakeholders of the party.

If not for the swift and professional handling of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party after the 2012 elections the party would have being in a far-reaching conclusion not to talk about the comeback in the 2018 elections.

They stood firmed by giving all the supports and backings to Julius Maada Bio after he controversially loses the 2012 Presidential election to Ernest Bai-Koroma.

Dr. Harding contested in a tough national delegate’s election to become the administrative head of the party of which he defeated the anti-Bio’s stakeholders who were projecting the interest of Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella.

 The anti-Bios stakeholder’s core mandate was to eliminate or barred Julius Maada Bio from not contesting in the 2018 elections because they already have their preferred and chosen candidate by the name of KKY.

“The PRO- Kandeh Yumkella supporters were going to deprived Julius Maada Bio from the second chance should they won the chairmanship of the party at that time, that’s was the game plan, but with the commitment and resilience leadership of Prince Harding and few others they were able to unearth the deception and saboteurs in the party.

The most professional and experienced Chairman and Leader of the SLPP used his political strategy to unseat the All Peoples Congress Party thus changing the political narratives in the country and bringing back the party to power under his watch as Leader and Chairman.

Even though some critics are saying that politics is an ungrateful journey the fact remains that President Julius Maada Bio should never turn his eyes from Dr. Prince Harding and certain people in the party who were with him when he was struggling to reach where he is today.  

Harding cannot be humiliated by those whom many described as Job seekers and opportunists who cannot even withstand or articulates the values of the party, but are busy using the social the media by exposing their thoughtless and selfish mantra to get rich overnight.

Dr. Prince Harding is a house hold name in the Sierra Leone Peoples Party of which no one can contest.


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