President Dr. Julius Maada Bio has once again demonstrated his desire to lead a unified and cohesive nation by appointing APC strongman Hon. Alhaji Alpha Kanu as the Strategic Adviser on Social Mobilization and Food Security at the COVID-19 Response Team.

The President had always reiterated that the development of Sierra Leone was a collective effort that required everyone‘s participation. This latest appointment of a key member of the opposition is demonstrative of a President who believed in taking everyone along devoid of political or other affiliations.

It also worthy to commend the Hon. Alpha Kahn for accepting the call to serve his nation especially at a time when some of his colleagues have chosen the path of fanning tribal and regional bigotry through hate and divisive messages among supporters.

It could be recalled that the Hon. Alpha Kanu served in various Ministerial capacities under the former APC government and was also National Publicity Secretary of the APC party.

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