Potential Epidemic Looms

Fresh from the Ebola epidemic and other illnesses that have struck this country by all kinds preventable health hazards in Sierra Leoneans are inevitably at the mercy of horrendous natural disasters & epidemics.

Videos on social media and both radio and television stations depicts anxious citizens narrating stories of numerous pigs suddenly dying; obviously from a fatal disease.

But what leaves one totally cold is the horrific reality that citizens, due to fatal ignorance & desperate poverty, are consuming the dangerously infected meat of these animals.

The continuous silence by the Ministry of Health and other relevant authorities to come up with a statement defeated the actual purpose of President Bio agenda on health.

In a nation where authorities are less concern on issues affecting its citizenry, one can only pray for divine intervention to take control.

The over One Thousand Pigs that have being died of unknown illnesses should be a great concern to the government and must strike now and nip this unfolding disaster in the bud.

Affected areas highlighted in the video above must be immediately secluded as health disaster zones; all the available carcasses of the pigs should be immediately & safely destroyed.

Hundreds of Sierra Leoneans have consumed the dead meats which medically need medical check and treated and measures should be immediately put in place to eliminate disaster zones like Bomeh.

Residents within these ‘Bomeh’ are said to have consume these pigs with pleasure without thinking of the health implications it might have to cause to them.

 The acute lack of preventative health/safety measures poorly trained & demotivated medical staff; ill-funded hospitals and public information system have all collectively produced a dilapidated health sector that’s simply not fit for purpose.

For a nation so endowed with rich natural resources and also a notorious recipient of superfluous donor funds for national development, the gruesome sight of humans, in this 21st Century continues to raise its ugly heads amongst Sierra Leoneans.

Hope the appropriate authorities will wake-up from their slumber and leave up to expectation.   

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