Despite Sierra Leone’s politics being divisive and bitter, there are a few things most people agree with about the politicians they voted for.

The ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party don’t agree on a lot of things these days ranging from the lack of political courage with scores almost identical.

The hatred thing within Kenema politics is the bitter partnership that prevents things from getting accomplished for the districts to develop.

Unfortunately, so much has been said over the past few months and days but I will use my family oriented term BALDERDASH.

We are not alas about to enter some new age of civility because of this terrible episode and the division is not just a matter of our failure to speak nicely to each other even though politeness is an underrated virtue these days.

The harsh feelings in Kenema politics today arise from a long process the steady destruction of the norms of partisan competition that began more than a quarter-century age with our politicians in Kenema fighting a war.

It is a war for power indeed

Civility is a lot harder to maintain when one try to give the other side it’s due and get nothing in return but aggravates already existing grudge, policy differences when one side attempts to move the goal posts.

Yes am offering a view of Kenema problem from a progressive perspective and am happy to take issue with those who say otherwise.

Some of our Kenema politicians have chosen instead to paint us as advocates of dangerous forms but has nothing to do with what we actually believe in or propose.

We can at least agree that political violence in Kenema is unacceptable and that each side should avoid blaming the other side for the deranged people in their ranks who act otherwise.

Even in the freest nation in the world, it becomes political toxic to ask questions and in Kenema in particular is living with the consequences of that failure.

A political class and media that are thoroughly distrusted and a continuing crisis in the eastern region amongst SLPP supporters forces uniformity of that perished, the unwillingness to ask necessary questions of a Sierra Leone government that declared patriotism requiring uniformity, obedience which has , permanently scarred Sierra Leone politics and culture.

It is instead a necessity the government, any government must constantly be held accountable

Until and unless some of the SLPP party stalwarts in Kenema district come together and speak with one voice, the development of Kenema city will be far-fetched.

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