Politics of Animosity and Violence!!!

The unfortunate drama that took place on Tuesday at the All Peoples Congress Party should be investigated and perpetrators brought to book, school going children at the Freetown Secondary Schools for Girls were left dumfounded as gory images were all over the Hannah Benka Coker Street and Railway Line, video making the rounds on social media where some APC people sustained serious injuries speaks volume of how our beloved country going down the drains all on the name of APC and SLPP.

Later on, I was made to understand that some SLPP supporters were also injured and hospitalized. This has left me wondering why our people have grown so much hate for each other. Sierra Leoneans are almost the only people in the sub region who always engage in political violence round the period of the electoral circle of five years.

Most of our compatriots have nothing to talk about except politics and politics. Hardly anyone engages on constructive development discussion in radio or TV stations, everything is about politics and some of these sycophant politicians are using youths as scapegoats just to have their dubious way through.

Most members of these two old and backward parties are as backward and narrow minded as the APC and SLPP. Even the most educated amongst them are mostly disappointing when you engage them in political discussion. Both leaders and supporters of these two parties are bent on causing mayhem and anarchy in our country.

Between the two, no one wants to be the mature one whether in governance or opposition. I remember in 2007 almost throughout Ernest Koroma’s reign, violence against the opposition by then was frequent. The same thing is happening now. Since the SLPP came to power all the violence that occurred when APC was in power are being replicated.

Supporters of both SLPP and APC are the most active people in social media trading all sorts of abusive languages at each other for no just cause this is not healthy for our democracy and the peace we made as Sierra Leoneans is huge.

Do you think investors would be willing to invest in a state where there is always violence and insecurity? Do you think these videos of people with blood oozing from their bodies being circulated on social media platforms will send a good signal to the rest of the world? Some of these too much negativity plus the incompetent of those in authority to address these national security issues are responsible for the apathy of investors in our county.

Supporters of both APC and SLPP must note that election period is over and now is time for everyone to go to their normal business and forget about the unnecessary hype on radio and TVs, even school going children sometimes have heated debate on politics which is totally not good for us as a nation.

We are not on campaign period even if we are; we need to be civil to each other. This stupidity must stop; our people are currently suffering because of the economic crunch in the country so they don’t need to be subjected into running up and down all the time in the name of SLPP and APC.

The All Peoples Congress should focus on fixing the problems and looking into the reasons why they were booted out of power in 2018 while SLPP should also focus on governing and addressing the insurmountable sufferings eating the souls of our people.

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