Philip Neville Breaks Silence

Philip Neville Breaks Silence

I know where the unsubstantiated materials come from and am glad it came from that Political Camp.  A camp that the assumed Presidential Candidate for 2023 election is the political head who told a lie against President Julius Maada Bio in the 2018 debate that he scooped $18 Million dollars from the coffer of the State without substantiating the allegation. Such people are dangerous in society.

 It is the same level of danger that some members of his camp are using against me, but thank God am not suffering from any terminal disease or alcoholism   because am not an alcoholic.  I don’t drink, smoke or ever being a dancer who is interested in 10% Commission from contractors payment.

I started off my educational pursuit from a very long journey with a teacher’s certificate to a Certificate/Diploma in Journalism Studies at Fourah Bay College to a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and ended up with two Masters Degrees in Organizational Communication and Telecommunication at the Bowie State University

 Let me warn those campers of the alcoholic candidate to refrain from what they have commenced doing as their action would be detrimental to their candidate and godfather.

I am glad that they have started associating me with Chief Sam Sumana who is not a drunkard and lover of 10% Commission from contract payments.  He is a devout Muslim, honest and a peace maker known all over the world.  He is not paying me a dime for practising my profession

I may not be rich, but I am not embarrassingly broke.  I can take care of myself.


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