Paul Kamara Undresses APC!!!

Paul Kamara Undresses APC!!!


With Cecil Cole-Showers

Should we still continue to go selection under the Makeni one party, tyrannical and despotic mentality with impunity; instead to now elect Samura or whosoever thru the people’s ballot vote this time? Instead of to always smuggle him surreptitiously thru the back door which is illegal, lack fair play and a back door and below-the-belt tactic to still cowardly continue to unfairly dominate and earn an unfair advantage over the 28.

We should not be continually buried in perpetuity under the same unorthodox, barbaric, monolithic and killer one party, selective one party mentality that has only blown ill-wind to the entire country which totally destroyed and collapsed this God-given paradise that we proudly love to hate with unbridled sinister passion and total abandonment in our semi-comatose state.

Why can’t we grow, learn and aspire for the spirit of consciousness and Godism; even though still buried in the pit or catacomb of satanic darkness of bad heart, evil, dorti black bad heart; to always hate, kill and destroy one another in our quest to hide the; and from the absolute grip of Babylon and agba satanic powers forever! Inshallah!


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