Comrades All! I was physically attacked and my vehicle seriously dented by APC thugs in the presence of Dr. Minkailu Bah and Bai Mamoud- former APC ministers. I had gone to Kemoh Sesay’s place announced as the registration centre, to ask for my accreditation as a flag-bearer aspirant. Samura had sent me a message that all flag bearers are taxed Le 5m and I gave a post-dated cheque to answer to the party’s call. Therefore, I felt entrance formalities could have been channelled through the appropriate authorities at the Registration Centre. I noted both minister’s gave me an ugly look at my enquiry as if we had ever quarrelled, but worst still, Bai Mamoud as Leader of the APC Youth (found wanting by the ACC for corruption and should’ve resigned if the party top does not condone corruption with impunity), who should accord same treatment to both high and low, failed to even direct me where to go but instead, blasted and treated me with levity and utter scorn, that I can go anywhere for my pass, but that they have nothing to tell me. I was greatly perturbed because as insiders, I thought they should’ve guided me more than any other person for that matter; because they are the organisers and also know my status just like that of the other flagbearers. Irresponsible APC youths left their positions with the two ministers and one jerked me violently, while the others surrounded me. I resisted their threats and I stood with my friend ready to see how far these useless guys can go to molest me a flagbearer for that matter that has legitimate status, and without being cautioned or stopped by the two ministers. Bai Mamoud was instead guffawing but I looked at him and shook my head in utter disgust and shame! Some of the Marshalls who know me intervened and one Osman led me to my vehicle. As I was driving out, they kicked and banged my vehicle and dented it in several places. Some others at the entrance gates, mainly women rushed at me as well, but when they realised the person, they stood aside and asked: fk na yai watin apin? That’s just one of the form of greeting or salutation we normally share. The thugs from the two ministers however, chased me all the way labelling me as NRM and that they are ready to eliminate us. That night, I explained to our chairman and leader as well as to Petito, Pallo Conteh, and deputy leader of the party, who promised to talk with me but I guess he was too busy. But then I had also been told that Pallo is responsible to give us pass, but he told me of handling only those for invitees. In the end, nobody was able to tell me the way forward. So I already knew this was a hostile event for me. I made a report at the nearby Port Loko police station about what transpired. The next morning, I went to Bai Bureh Hall but was also stopped from entry. A woman said no NRM supporter would be allowed. A Marshall who is a friend as I left the place, told me they had orders not to allow certain people, including me. And from an observatory point across the road, I saw other flag-bearers enter with much flourish and without any pass whatsoever. I left the place for town terribly disgusted for the naked fact that the APC will never let go its ugly one-party thuggerous image and bone-to-bone politics; that brought the rebel war and the Ndorgbowusui Affair as well as poverty and loss of self-esteem and dignity. I will therefore stop paying party dues until this matter is resolved. A party that resists positive change for the good and welfare of all is a devil and satanic one. I will in this respect, therefore, lodge a formal complaint to the party secretariat. Also, I will soon embark on audio messages aimed at confronting evil and all anti-democratic forces and tendencias!

But let also make this clear; that no form of intimidation, threats, thuggery and violence would deter my democratic struggle to put an end to evil and bad heart. I have gone through so many struggles and seen and suffered violence. And the APC we want must be intolerant to violence and disrespect for party members whether high or low and whose only crime is to always put youth interest and Mama Saline as his primordial and No 1 priority; to stand up against corruption, tyranny and despotism and to always put the interest of Ma Salone and Pa Salone first. I have every reason to believe that I was barred from the event because they believe I am NRM. But I am not even though I empathize with just and democratic causes like that of the NRM for tangible constitutional reforms, to build a new APC that would now live up to its long-flung mandate to end corruption, tribalism and tyranny and to put the interests of Mama Salone, the workers, grassroots and the youth first in all that we do. I am not an NRM member but I will now join it per se in the struggle to stand up for the youths and for dire reforms in the APC constitution. And I believe, I also have that mandate as the leading human rights and democracy activist to now raise the bar higher as I publicly declare and associate myself wholeheartedly with the aspirations of the NRM for God and country. I will go through the formalities as soon as possible. So be ready for my messages soon! Aluta Continua!


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