“Pa-O-Pa Sam Sumana Will Lead APC”

“Pa-O-Pa Sam Sumana Will Lead APC”

Senior members of the All Peoples Congress Party from the Elders council have predicted to Guardian Post that Alhaji Sam Sumana have the chance to lead the APC ahead of the 2023 elections.

The Elders Council of the All Peoples Congress Party is made up of senior decision makers of the party who have foreseen that the former Vice President will likely tipped Samura Kamara in the delegates’ conference.

“Sam Sumana 2023 Unlike EBK and Stevens, Sam Sumana was subjected to all and if not never seen and unheard of political humiliation within the APC including but not limited to unlawful and illegal expulsion and assassination attempts.” Sources close to the council members reveal.

“Many people either as a result of ignorance, tribal and regional sentiments have vouched not to support Sam Sumana because when he was expelled, he joined the C4C. This is the most ridiculous if not self-defeating argument I continue to hear forgetting that Stevens was PNP and EBK PDP, a party he never officially resigned from. What a double standard APCians????? Why the hate and denial of history repeating itself.

So as the would be delegates converge on the 20th January 2023 to make or break decision, I’m confident that those who know the party’s culture and those who believe in fairness will not only vote for Sam Sumana’s return, but will campaign and confess their ugly deeds against him and put the APC first again like in 1967 and 2007.

When I listen to the so much bickering, tongue wagging and broad daylight tribal statements expressed about the candidature of Chief Sam Sumana in the All Peoples Congress Party, I think and console myself that the old guards in the APC are living without learning from history, the young ignorant about APC history and most supporters been totally compromised as a result of tribal and regional interest in the APC and not the general interest of the Party.

I have decided to bring up this reminder because history whether you like it or not will always set its own path and therefore easy to repeat itself.

Siaka Probyn Stevens 1967-1986

When I hear and see people castigating Chief Sam Sumana to have come from C4C to rejoin the APC and run for its leadership, I feel they have a very high level of ignorance about the political culture and leadership path of the APC.

Siaka Problyn Stevens though became one of the founding members of APC, but he absolutely came from the SPP to People’s National Party (PNP) where he was the Deputy Leader and Secretary General. Meanwhile, because of his relevance and huge political experience like Sam Sumana today, Siaka Stevens was easily accepted to lead the then APC to its first high profile victory to govern the people of Sierra Leone.

So why supporters of the APC trusted Stevens and entrusted him the opportunity to lead the party and subsequently the Nation, Is it that those APCians love the unity of Sierra Leone the more, was it that they had the country at heart than our current crop of young APCians? Or because APC then had wanted to save the battered post-colonial economy system, if you are an APCian, I know you know where your interest lies and why the hate against Sam Sumana is at a point everyone including the whole country will pay the price for the pride of EBK and others. Do you know the contribution of this same Sam Sumana’s father and the Kono district made to the 1967 APC victory?

EBK in 2007

Just like Stevens who verily banked on the direct and crucial support of the then Songu Mbriwa and the Kono district, EBK a man with lion heart struggles to get victory only because of the Support he had from his politically mature and the running mate Sam Sumana and his deciding political block back home.

EBK was PDP and it was rumored that, he never resigned from PDP at the time he rejoined the APC. This was a serious debate then but because history was about to repeat itself, EBK thought a PDP-sobbeh man, got through the corridor of the court and defeated Eddy Turay and Serry Kamal who had seen him with the same tribal, parochial and regional eyes as stranger and therefore unfit to be given the APC leadership.

As I say, history repeated itself, in 2007, EBK was elected even without exhibition of his PDP resignation letter. So it is this same EBK that is fighting Sam Sumana not to be the leader and flagbearer of the APC.


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