Proprietors and stakeholders of ten Private Security companies with more than two thousand security guards have revealed that they are now forced to redundant most of its working force because some local and foreign combine companies with huge capitals are in the habit of kidnapping contrac6ts at all financial cost which they view as a complete violation of contractual.

The Managing Director of Pentagon Security Mr. Alfred Turay told this Reporter that his company was established in 2011 to train our youths as Private Security Guards and contribute to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country, he said although he can boast of a well trained tactical and managerial staff with contracts nationwide, enough material and logistics to carry out effective routine operations, provisions of both social and medical security for workers and respect for the minimum wage which in fact he has increased to seven hundred and fifty thousand Leones per Guards for a probational period of three months, subjects to increase to more than a million Leones in less than a year, his business is at risk.

Mr. Turay said it is absolutely incorrect for a company to sign a contract with an individual, company, MDA and Parastatals for a stipulated period of time subject to renewal, later to be told that your services are no longer needed just few months of service, he said the reason is simply because in the private security world, marketing is a prominent factor and the others only come on board to campaign for other to have their contracts terminated in replace of them. They even minimize the contract agreed upon to make their ways through; this has been the main virus in the private security world that has given rise to a lot of rumor managing. Mr. Turay and nine others interviewed called for the intervention of ONS as the supervising body at least to ensure compliancy.

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