Nigerian Remanded for Impregnating Minor

In Africa, the legal age of adulthood is 18 years. Cases of adolescent pregnancy have become a challenging situation, especially in developing countries ― higher in countries like Nigeria. A 22-year-old Nigerian trader residing in Ghana was reported to have had a consensual relationship with a food vendor assistant which led to pregnancy of the assistant. In this case, the assistant was just 15-year-old, therefore not mature enough to be involved in such a relationship as she is considered incapable of making the right decision for herself yet. Edah Great, the Nigerian trader was charged with defilement and reprimanded in Ghana’s police custody. The two (Edet and the assistant) have been living together for the past seven months. They have sex during this time after which the teenager became pregnant, Ghana News Agency reported. Great was remanded in the police custody while further investigation is conducted.

Adolescence age range according to experts is between the period of 10 and 19 years. The case of adolescence in developing countries including Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa is reportedly increasing. Adolescents are bound to go through severe pain since their body physiology is more likely not to be mature enough for parturition. This is why adolescence pregnancy is usually accompanied with higher occurrences of adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes.

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