Musa Tombo Fights Back

Musa Tombo Fights Back

Controversial and contentious footballer Musa Tombo has through his various social media handlers reacted to his former employer and the team manager for Leone Stars after taking to the traditional and social the cause of parting company with one of Sierra Leone hottest player.

According to several followers of Musa Tombo; the press release from Bo Rangers speaks with high venom, thus, the letter was inappropriate, hasty and poorly written!!!

They further reveal that the letter could have done better by citing verbatim a clause from the clubs code of conduct or handbook/manual that decry acts of gross indiscipline and it’s consequence (s).

This brings clarity for taking such line of action and sets a strong precedence equally.

According to our information, Babadi Kamara invested emotion on the player impudence thereby becoming very illogical.

However, I think the best way to have ended his contract with Bo Rangers is “Mutual Consent”. This means Bo Rangers would have held a private meeting with Musa TOMBO and his agents then explain their position and reasons for termination of contract.

Bo Rangers would minute the meeting and save the file for ease of reference and the next step will be a press conference followed by the carefully read press release.

Bo Rangers has enjoyed tremendous success with Musa TOMBO. The club appreciated his contributions to the team. He’s a great player and the club wished to have him stay for more years but circumstances beyond the control could not permit. On this note,

“Bo Rangers has reached a Mutual Consent” with MUSA TOMBO and his agents to end all contracts with the player immediately.

Bo Rangers wish Musa TOMBO all the best in his future career.

Bo Rangers supporters will live with his sportsmanship memories and wish him great future.

It is good to be diplomatic in sportsmanship management. That press release from Bo Rangers is damn damaging on the player’s career.

Musa TOMBO has behavioral disorder or call it “Personality Disorder”. It is very difficult to manage and it requires lots of resources to hire “Occupational Therapist” to provide him services.

Not sure we have such people in Sierra Leone.

Balotili, Andrew Mutu, Eric Cantona and many other professional players bi get same “Personality Disorder”. In fact dem yon bi worst pass Musa TOMBO. Balotili de misbehave na field, na dressing room, training ground etc same again 4 Andrew Mutu. Bt dem clubs manage dem and part time with dem professionally.

In all of these wrangling, the wife of Musa Tombo has challenged Babadi Kamara of culpable in trying to frustrate the football career of her husband who she says has being very supportive to Musa Tombo but secretly destroying his profession to clubs that have shown interest on him outside of Sierra Leone.

However, Alhaji Dauda Musa Bangura, Proprietor of the Owl Newspaper, who also happens to be the Uncle of popular Sierra Leonean football icon Musa Noah Kamara (Musa Tombo), has sent a strong message of discontent to the officials of the Leone Stars team-B, in relation to a leaked video that has gone viral.

His message of resentment and outrage came shortly after the teams’ arrival from Liberia after their 2-1 defeat to Mali of the first leg of CAF Africa Cup Of Nations (CHAN) final round of qualifiers.

In an interview with Alhaji Dauda Bangura, he underscored that he is angered over the video that went viral because it has shown lack of professionalism, unity and love. “We need to understand Musa’s situation and those sharing the video are not helping the young lad” he said.

Alhaji Dauda Bangura further stated that he condemns the actions of his nephew (Musa N. Kamara) completely and that the SLFA should also take disciplinary actions against him if the need arises. He added that despite he condemns the actions of Musa, but he also understands that Musa is not in the right state of mind after his only goal against Mali was cancelled – and nobody will be happy to hear such, especially when the fault was a silly one from the officials. He affirmed that he shared the pain with such a young talented striker.


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