Mrs Samura Kamara mirrors her husband’s humanitarian life

Mrs Elizabeth Massa Samura Kamara, wife of the 2018 APC presidential candidate Dr Samura Kamara today borrowed a leaf from her husband’s glittering philanthropic record by making donations to different centers accommodating the physically challenged, the sick and the aged .

The donations were made to the Blind School in western Freetown, the King George Home for the aged at Grafton and the Lakah hospital. The donations included bags of rice, assorted condiments and cash.

Making the donation at the Blind School, Mrs Kamara told the beneficiaries that it has always been part of her life to help those in need, while describing herself as a mother who is fully aware of what it takes to raise children . She noted the contributions of other mothers or people towards the upbringing and development of her own children, which according to her, should be reciprocated. “I feel inspired or motivated to be here to make these modest philanthropic gestures. I’m a mother and I know what it means to raise children and to enjoy support from others in the course of discharging such a duty .The joy of having is in sharing and life is not worth living if it is not lived for others,” Mrs Kamara stated.

Mrs Kamara went on to say that she was taking a leaf out of her husband’s philanthropic record. She described the blind as only being physically challenged, while acknowledging the sense of satisfaction that accrues from her rendering of assistance to such people. She said the blind should be made to realize their potentials and to live wonderful lives through philanthropic supports.

At the home for the aged, Mrs Kamara urged successful children to take up the responsibility of caring for their aged parents and urged all to continue respecting them in their senescence.

Mrs Kamara used the occasions to wish the children and the aged a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in advance. She prayed for God’s divine blessings and provision.

Mrs Kamara comes across as modest, honest, sympathetic and compassionate and her donations to the underprivileged illustrate the fact that the habit of helping and or giving out in philanthropy runs in their family veins.

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