For what does it profit a man, if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? We scramble for riches and the vanities of this world. We then lose our soul and compassion, our patriotism and self-dignity. Our education meant to liberate and uplift our people from poverty becomes a tool for miseducation, mental slavery, evil, war, helplessness and hopelessness. Our independence and patriotism is totally eroded and today clutched under the yoke of every shade of foreign exploiters. We all betrayed our poor people and country; those who struggled to educate us to shine the light of salvation. But in our dire miseducation, our bookism became the macabre and apocalyptic sword that plunged them into doom and gloom. Our education became the monstrous weapon that preach divisions and tribal hate buried in the blackman/ whiteman ideology and in agonizing fits of despair, we are told by the voice of truth that the once Athens of Africa is today an ill-run Sparta. It started a long ago and it continues unabated and intensified. May God save Salone as we ushered to New Year!!

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