Mallam O. & J. Foundation Scholarship Fund Launched

Mallam O. & J. Foundation Scholarship Fund Launched

Proud of being a pure Tomlinsonean with admission number 0003, and moving straight to Njala University where he graduated with a Division One Distinction in Mathematics direct from Tomlinson High School, Songo, with no contamination by any other secondary school, Prof Osman Sankoh (Mallam O.)  Launched the Mallam O. & J. Sankoh Foundation Scholarship Fund for Tomlinson High School on Sunday 9th August 2020 in Songo during the school’s 47th Foundation Day where he was the Guest of Honour.

The Secretary General of the Tomlinson Old Students Association Mr Michael Osman Sesay (Uncle Check) felt very proud to introduce a son of soil.

“From this school, Tomlinson High School, right here in Songo, we have a true product who has become the Statistician General and CEO of Statistics Sierra Leone and is also the Acting Vice Chancellor and Principal of Njala University.”

As he attempted to look around he was embraced by a thunderous applause from new and old students, among them Mr Anthony Koroma (former Youth Commissioner), Mr Abu Bakarr Kamara (ACC), Mr James Cole (Church of God) and the ever-young looking Aminata Toronto (Songo).

Paying attention to COVID-19 regulations, the small gathering of less than 100 brought together key stakeholders of the school including the Chairman of TOSA and the dynamic Principal of Tomlinson.

Mallam O’s talk was on External and Internal Factors that contribute to the growth of an individual through school.

“We don’t choose our parents,” he said, “so if we are born to parents who can afford more for us, we shouldn’t look down on others who are less fortunate. They can, like me, become even more than I am today.”

He encouraged the pupils to work hard and don’t feel too bad about their status because “I was sitting right here in this classroom where you sit today. Be prayerful all the time,” encouraged Mallam O.

Due to the challenges faced by parents of children in such schools who secure University admission but are usually unable to provide for the first year requirements, the Scholarship Fund will strive hard to support Tomlinsoneans who enter university in the first year.

“I climbed down from FBC in early 1979 when I couldn’t pay for the first year. I had banked on a scholarship which I didn’t get. It shouldn’t happen to bright Tomlinsoneans!” Mallam O. said it was time to give back.


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