Lulu Luseni Admiration Soars

Lulu Luseni Admiration Soars

By: Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr

Madam Lulu Luseni Agba has received thunderous applauds from nurses and health workers across the country for the Women’s Leadership of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, North America Region.

Scores of health workers who spoke to this medium urge members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party within the North America Region to vote solidly for the latter comes April 24t because of her impeccable characters.

According to some of these health workers at Connaught Hospital; Madam Lulu philanthropist and humanitarian gestures to her colleagues during the Ebola and Coronavirus virus was a step in the right direction.

In a video recording, scores of nurses at the Connaught Hospital called on supporters of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party in the North America Region to vote for Lulu Luseni-Agba.

The latter has served as the Publicity Secretary of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party DC Chapter for 2yrs; and she is ready to take the mantle of leadership as the Women Leader for the SLPP North America Region.

She is also loved by her peers in the health sector for her charitable and down to earth policy which continues to ascend her political ambition within the SLPP DC Chapter.

According to nurses, the latter was involved heavily during the Ebola virus that ravaged the country as she was one of the front line workers to see the eradication of the Ebola virus out of the country.

‘Lulu is an exemplary workforce that has the knack to instilled confidence on us,’ they chanted. ‘She has donated protective elements and other equipment’s for us to safeguard ourselves and also for our respective patients.

‘We are calling on our women and male folks to see good reason in voting for Madam Lulu, her sacrificed for Sierra Leone is incontestably especially within the health sector.

During the International Women Day celebration her message to the women of her political parties was thought-provoking as motivated them to come forward and help propagate the laurels of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party to the unreachable.

‘The Sierra Leone Peoples Party is lucky to have brains of women who will stop at nothing but to lift the party to higher height without fear or hesitation.

‘The First Lady, Her Excellency Fatima Maada Jabbie Bio and the National Women’s Leader, Madam Fatmata Sawaneh, as well as scores of leaders in every region, district, or branch within and outside of the country are a good example to younger folks of the party.

She also has the feelings that women have the opportunity to participate fully and to challenge the norms that promote gender bias and discrimination.

‘When women are seated at every table where decisions are made or have the opportunity to lead, good things happen.’ She said.

‘There is positive change; there is transformation and others are inspired to act.

The election which is on the 24th of April will see members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party go into the poll in electing officials of the party that will seek the day to day activities of the party in that part of the world. Readers can read Madam Lulu aspiring manifesto below.   


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