It’s crystal clear that a nation’s most invaluable asset is its Youths. They’re imminent in shoving and moving the wheels of change, and as well playing important roles in the transformation and well-being of society.

Youths that are enlightened and academically equipped produce brilliant workforce and could even move the mountains of obstacles that impede their nation’s yearning for development.

The former government of H. E. Ernest Bai Koroma was aware of this fact, and couldn’t restrain the need to establish modern and international academic institutions like Limkokwing University of Creative Technology to empower young Sierra Leoneans that couldn’t afford the bills to study abroad. The relevant academic training skills that are needed in modern societies are being taught on modular basis in Limkokwing university. Courses like; Digital media, Graphic Designs, Interior Architecture, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Professional Communication, Web Technology, Software engineering with Multimedia , Broadcasting and Web Journalism ,Interior Design, Information communications technology, Business Information technology, Sound and Music Technology, International Business, Digital Photography, Architecture technology, Interior Design, Sound and Music technology ,Software Engineering, Broadcasting and journalism, Tourism Management and Built Environment and many others are some of the lucrative programs offered by this University.

A worrisome trend presently is the delay that have taken place in the reopening of the University after the recess in August, and students were hoping as usual to have resumed lectures on the first week of November, 2018.

The approximately 1,700 courageous and determined students  with huge potentials that have started acquiring knowledge on the various fields of study that are in match with the requirements of the 21st century job markets are desperate to see the reopening of this  University for a continuation of  courses.

Every sane Sierra Leonean could testify that our country is in dire need of graduates that are well equipped and clouded with advanced and contemporary programs in technological and innovative skills to fit in this Hi-Tech, Digitalized and Information world and to fill in the vacuous spaces in the innovative sectors of our country’s workforce.

The inception of this University in Sierra Leone is in no doubt but to remedy the problems we keep facing in the job markets when graduates from other universities after going through the bruises and crucibles of academia couldn’t secure jobs at the end because of the outdated courses they did offer in their programs that couldn’t suit with the globally competitive job markets demands.

It’s apparently clear that the flagship program of the New Direction of President Bio is EDUCATION. And H. E President Bio lays stronger emphasis on quality education. The setting up of a Technology and Innovation Office in State House by H.E President Bio signals the need for the furtherance of Government’s support to Limkokwing University, well situated to furnish graduates that could unleash the theoretical and practical aspects of advanced technological and information programs.

In lieu of the above, students, guardians, parents and well-meaning Sierra Leoneans craving on the indulgence of this Government to continue with the payment of tuition fees for students in this noble University.

It’s understandable that change of regime in any nation has its hiccups and catch-ups in repealing some inherited policies and bringing new ones in for the betterment of a nation.

Nevertheless, with such good vision from the outgoing government to have established this University, we believe such actualization shouldn’t be allowed to water down, more so when huge resources, time and energy from both the Government and the students themselves have been poured out just to actualize the set goals.

In a nutshell, H. E President Maada Bio and the Minister of Higher Education should help out in their best of abilities to resuscitate the hopes and aspirations of the anxiety filled students.

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