Leave President Bio’s political appointments alone! Says nationalist guru…….

Leave President Bio’s political appointments alone! Says nationalist guru…….

Mohaned Kamara

Mr Ibrahim Joseph Turay, a political critic residing at 102 Kissy Road, called the attention of the Satellite Reporter to express his disappointments labelled in all adjectives of which the constitution mandates him the right to choose among the corporate of his party loyalists who should occupy what position in his governance.

Mr. Turay challenged the schools of thought who are bent on politicizing political appointments as one based on tribalism. He said in our belated political history, Sir Albert  Margai, Siaka Stevens, Joseph Saidu Momoh, Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabba, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma and now President Maada Bio has never appoint someone who is outside their political parties membership. If they does, only in exceptional cases of technocratic requirements.

Turay further school critics to note that when member of any political party vie for that party’s flagbearer race, the members of those political parties are divided over support and each flagbearer made promises to his followers of abundant political gears, when he or she wins the flagbearer race and the presidential elections, his first consideration is to those who have demonstrated allegiance during the historic days of the political struggles sometimes marred by violations of their rights by the ruling party.

Turay added reasons why he distate  rumours over political appointments and argues that in the world’s developed countries, notably the United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, France and Spain and the entire membership of the United Nations, there is no serving political appointee that does not come from the bulk of membership of that political party. He concluded “if you are bored because you think you should not be left out, just be a member of the one or the other and breath relief”.


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