The allegation levied against the newly appointed President of the Traditional Healers Association Sierra Leone, Alhaji Mohamed Konneh, by his predecessor, Kamoh Muniru Sandy that he squandered monies meant for the opening of a national bank account for the association to the tune of eighty million Leones (Le 80,000 million) has been damned and described as baseless by cross section of the association’s membership.

The National Secretary General of the association, Mr. Dumbuya described the allegation as an attempt to dent the image of the newly appointed President. He said the former President was impeached on various grounds ranging from failing to attend meetings to connivance with a splinter group to undermine the progress of the association.

The Public Relations Officer of the association, known as Cisco, noted that the removal of Komoh Muniru was not a surprise to the membership who unanimously agreed to step him down after several attempts to settle issues affecting the smooth running of the association, he pointed out.

According to Alhaji Mohamed Konneh, within few days after his endorsement by the Ministry and cross section of executive members, he has succeeded in renting an office space for the association for the first time since its formation decades ago.

He denied chopping any funds meant for the association as alleged by his predecessor. He said Komoh Muniru failed to open a national bank account promising that with the shortest possible time he is going to open a national account for the association.

Alhaji Mohamed Konneh has made a clarion call on various traditional healers groups across the country to attend a dialogue forum this Sunday during which recommendations for the development of traditions healers will be made.

Alhaji Mohamed Konneh in a letter dated 28th January, 2020, was appointed President of the Traditional Healers Association-Sierra Leone, (SLENTHA) by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

However, his appointment has been criticized by a few break away traditional healers saying he will

not deliver for the good of traditional healers in the entire country.

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