Waiting to be elected to use tax payer’s monies to provide essential support is not patriotism

Few days ago, a colleague and I went into a deep conversation on the bad road network in Samu chiefdom in Kambia district, Northern Sierra Leone

Samu chiefdom is where the former presidential candidate of the National Grand Coalition and former undersecretary general of the United Nations, Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkellah hails from.

According to report, Samu chiefdom is one of the hard to reach areas in Kambia district due to bad roads.

Few of the existing bridges are now death traps for commuters.

I was very frank with my friend to say that I am not pleased with Honorable Kandeh K. Yumkellah on the note that with his personal ambition to lead this nation, with his most acclaimed global recognition and in his capacity as a member of parliament representing that part of the country, he cannot mobilize resources to connect his constituency with other chiefdoms in that district.

That drew my attention to the 2018 presidential debate and a look at the manifestos of few of the political parties in the country.

If we cannot disconnect development from political leadership, our nation will forever remain it its current state

Sadly enough is, when you look at the table of the 17 presidential candidates in the 2018 presidential election, you will realize not up to 7 are in the limelight of initiating or executing any development project in the country.

Political parties should be helping students with scholarships to universities, investing in rural agriculture, support in building peace and national cohesion, providing social support to deprived communities etc.

Waiting to be elected to use tax payer’s monies to provide essential support is not patriotism.

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