Kei Kamara Resigns from Leone Stars

Kei Kamara Resigns from Leone Stars

My take on Kei Ansu Kamara formerly Sierra Leones talisman and skipper resignation from the National Team! First I respect your decision to hang your boots at this point in time.

Having listened your live audio broadcast on 105.3 FM, I am of the conviction that your resignation is untimely and unhealthy, it is also premature considering your professional background, as the saying goes quitters don’t win quitting now to me means conceiving defeat. Your thunderous strike against Liberia in the just concluded FIFA qualifiers left Sierra Leoneans with no option but to believe that you’re among the country’s greatest, countless stars before you have all tried to get us to AFCON and World Cup games, but we have always come too close.

Breaking the ice barely hours before the country’s encounter in the AFCON qualifiers against Lesotho is a whole set back on it own and have tendencies to demean and demotivate the lads. Like I stated in my intro; I honestly do respect your decision and hope you get the best out of it! I am in no way challenging your decision or trying to condemn you or make social media gains out of your resignation.

As a true citizen, law abiding, peaceful and wanting the best for *Mama Salone*, at a tender age, let me hastily remind you that, you vowed to always *defend her honor and good name, always work For unity Peace Freedom and Prosperity*…..hope you have not forgotten these lines just too soon, and promises should be kept at all times.

In your own words, you consulted your agent, father, family and friends, but I am sure you never bothered to put Sierra Leone First!

Brother, turning your back from us ain’t the solution to the things you mentioned in your interview, rather standing up to them and fighting to ensuring the change for the better, like the 44th President of the US Barrack Obama said “Be the Change you want to see”, by quitting, the things you quit for will still remain and will continue to happen.

I only hope you will understand that these are my individual views on your resignation and does not reflect any footballing party (ies), and as a private citizen.

If you ask me, Mr. Kei Ansu Kamara, your wife succeeded in letting you change your decision on your first quit, hope she does so for the second time! *Land that we Love our Sierra Leone.


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