Kaifala Marah’s Message of thanks and Appreciation

Kaifala Marah’s Message of thanks and Appreciation

After a successful Emergency National Delegates Conference in Makeni at which a new constitution was adopted, the Mighty APC was once again given the opportunity to lead from the front and present a renewed hope for Sierra Leoneans.

Yes! We won the by-elections held in Koinadugu on 02 October 2021, for Chairperson Koinadugu District Council with massive lead of 61.2% as against the SLPP’s at 38%. We also won Ward 155 by 94 votes (RRF Forms confirmed).

It is sad, however that the results released by NEC tells a different story, showing only victory for the District Chairperson position. As Sierra Leoneans we are concerned with the on-going election malpractices by NEC and we are calling on local & international partners to help us bring NEC and their officials to maintain political ‘fair-play’ and neutrality in facilitating election activities in the country.

We will not accept results that are not a representation of our votes and the will of our people. Ballot criminality must stop! And now!

Let me take this opportunity as Acting District Chairman – APC Koindugu and on behalf of my team to send our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all comrades of the Mighty APC for their individual and collective support in ensuring that the voices of our voters are heard. I want to send my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Leadership of our Party for trusting me and my team to coordinate and lead from Koinadugu. To former colleagues, thanks for your support and strategic inputs; ASMEG, grassroots comrades, comrades from the Diaspora and all groups in Koinadugu and well-wishers  across the country, thank you for battling to the end to give us Victory. Let me single out the team of the blind (registered in Koinadugu) who made it from Freetown to Koinadugu on their own to cast their votes.

Allow me to send my warmest of congratulations to my brothers and Comrades, Lawrence Teteh Kargbo, Chairperson elect of Koinadugu District Council and Comrade Saio Mamudu Koroma, Councillor, Ward 155 for a job well done.

A hearty thank you to the people of Koinadugu for demonstrating democratic maturity and making informed choices at the ballot in the face of thuggery and intimidation perpetuated by the SLPP. It is time for NEC and the governing SLPP to note that democratic maturity is gaining grounds and our people can now read between the lines.

My message to everyone is to learn from the Koinadugu experience – the land of powerful mixture, to demonstrate resilience and the spirit of nationalism by resisting all forms of intimidation to make an informed decision at the ballot.

The spirit demonstrated by our Party during this election will spring-board the APC to the 2023 elections with a spirit of teamwork, camaraderie, renewed hope, and a winning mentality.


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