By: Father Aliko

The former National Coach for Athletics, Kabineh Fofanah was included among those who were accused of beating the late Journalist- Ibrahim Samura, leading to his death sometime in February 2018 during the Presidential and General Elections campaigns. According to reliable sources, this Medium was updated that Kabineh was playing an instrumental role in the past APC regime in the person of Secretary General at the Bunumbu- Pejeh Chiefdom- Kailahun district. He was elected for that position in 2009 with the prime motive of galvanizing his tribesmen with canvassing strategies to join the All Peoples Congress (APC) party. This Press was also intimated that Fofanah was a close allied to former President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma’s daughter and was loved due to the diligent national services he was rendering to his people as a passionate, peaceful young politician and professional Medical personnel who strongly believe in serving humanity.

Another source was emphasizing on the fact that Kabineh had been condemning violence in any form and such a personality has never seen involving in such act let alone conniving to harm someone. But the SLPP Government sees anyone who was closely working with the past APC Government as an enemy and traitor, and therefore the life of the individual will be made miserable. Fofanah is not an exception to that and in fact he had been attempted to be arrested and taken to the Pademba Road prisons to join the likes of Abu Bakarr Daramy and the former Mayor of the Freetown Municipality, Herbert George Williams in maximum cells. His house was raided, ransacked and properties carted away, his wife, children and siblings are under duress and they are on the run for their lives due to series of heartless attacks. According to a reliable source, what made his matter worst was the fact that Kabineh was an Activist who was disseminating messages of national cohesion, peace, messages against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), misuse of drugs like marijuana, tramadol among youths, using different Media platforms within the Bunumbu-Pejeh Chiefdom-Kailahun district.

By and large, Fofanah’s life was in a terrible danger as he was hunted by the ruling Government officials for associating with the past APC regime, female society heads and the idle youths who are just focusing on drugs abuse and misuse of teenagers were also after him. According to an old Educationist, Pa Kallon ” that instrumental young man called Kabineh should have been unnecessarily harmed had he not escaped the wrath of death in the hands of these cruel people all in the name of advocating for their own good”. Mammy Gbassay had this to say and I quote ” I wish that Fofanah will never return to this wicked land so that people who do not like development will not waste his life. He deserves better recognition and encouragement because he was doing a great job for us here in Bunumbu-Pejeh Chiefdom-Kailahun district and for the people of this country as a whole. But since some scrupulous ones are misunderstanding his concept, let him go and effect positive innovation to a foreign land because quite a good number of idlers here do not like the truth to be told”. This Reporter cannot tell the exact location of Kabineh as he swiftly escaped death on June 26th, 2018 at about 10:00am.

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