Jimmy Batilo Supporters Anger President Bio

Jimmy Batilo Supporters Anger President Bio

Supporters and sympathizers of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party have accused followers of Jimmy Batilo for embarrassing and humiliating the chairman and Leader of the Party prior to an emergency NEC meeting.

According to some of the SLPP members, the fiasco was premeditated as rains of abusive and insulting languages were traded on Dr. Prince Harding.

If not for the timely intervention of the Sierra Leone Police the latter would have being in a critical and dangerous condition.

The rascal and scamp supporters allegedly sneaked themselves into the party premises anxiously waiting for the arrival of the Leader and Chairman who was humiliated, disgrace, shamed in the full view of the watching public.

Supporters of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party who spoke to Guardian Post condemned the planned behavior by Batilo supporters who according to our investigation the would-be chairman was not around the party office during the time of the brawl.

The main purpose of the meeting was for the National Elders Council (NEC), to extend the term of the national officers and also to have detailed reports on the conduct of the Lower Level elections across the country.

Supporters of the party in the diaspora also denounce the humiliation of the party chairman which according to them was unfortunate and disastrous.

“Say whatever you may say, Dr. Harding is one of the few individuals that rebranded and repositioned the party ahead of the 2018 elections.” They said.

“Why should supporters of Jimmy Batilo humiliate and disgrace our Leader and Chairman in the full view of onlookers, this craziness and power thirst in some of these politicians must stop.” They reiterated.

“Where was Jimmy Batilo during the 2018 elections? Some of his supporter’s behavior has the potential to deplete the party ahead of the 2023 elections; we are calling on the leadership of the party to urgently intervene before the situation worsened.

However, sources from State House also intimidated this medium that President Julius Maada Bio is not happy on the humiliation on the Leader and Chairman and has instructed the secretariat of the party to speedily investigate the issues and get back to him.

Recently, the Leader and Chairman wrote a letter to the President highlighting several issues on how he was humiliated and embarrassed in Tonkolili and other part of the country by supporters and sympathizers of Jimmy Batilo.

Prince Alex Harding has being the brain of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party during their days in the opposition; he fought tooth and nail to bring unity among disgruntled members who have left the party to join the All Peoples Congress or the National Grand Coalition party.

“Prince Harding as Chairman and Leader of the SLPP is a blessing to us, his knowledge and skills within the party cannot be overemphasized as he has demonstrated that during the 2018 elections.

“With all due respect to comrade Batilo, he should concentrate on something else and leave the chairmanship for someone that has the aptitude and capabilities to take the All Peoples Congress Party in the 2023 elections.” voices of diaspora supporters of the party highlighted.

“Batilo is a young and energetic chap that has the exuberance and love for the party; we are calling on him to calm his supporters and focused on the bigger pictures in propagating the novelty of the New Direction government ahead of the 2023 elections.

The leadership of the party according to these supporters should take swift action for further re-occurrence and to give due respect to elders who have sacrificed in bringing the party to governance.

The social media is being inundated to a point that all the marvelous and spectacular works Dr. Harding has brought to the party has eroded as they continued to project him in an undesirable way to the public.

In one of the several posts in the social media, a follower of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party let the cat out of the bag by saying these few words to President Julius Maada Bio for a deep reflection and consideration.

“President Julius Maada Bio should know that former Leaders and Chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party disappointed and betrayed him; so many others have betrayed the President ahead of the 2018 elections, but Dr. Prince Harding put his life on the risk at a time when hundreds if not thousands were leaving the party for materials things in joining the APC or NGC respectively.” He said.

“The SLPP should not make the mistake they did in the Hinga Normah issues, Dr. Prince Alex Harding can be the one just like yesterday, though he might have pitfalls, but he took the SLPP from opposition to ruling party and he should never embarrassed by misguided hoodlums.

Nonetheless, the Personal Assistant of Jimmy Batilo has reacted to the above allegations by exonerating the Deputy Head of NaSCA that the melee that took place at the Sierra Leone Peoples Party head office on past Tuesday has nothing to do with Jimmy Batilo but grassroots supporters who feel betrayed by the current Leader and Chairman.

Hindolo Moihai completely vindicated his boss from the commotion justifying that the demonstrators were grassroots supporters who supported and voted for Dr. Harding during the Bo delegate’s conference.


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