Is President Bio a Coward?

Is President Bio a Coward?

The social media is being inundated with series of discussion on the thriving character and personality of President Julius Maada Bio who several Sierra Leoneans perceived as thick skin person but failing to implement same as President of the republic.

Sierra Leoneans are challenging the Commander of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces to put on his military regalia and protect the millions of Sierra Leoneans that believes in his leadership as President.

According to some of these supporters the slothful and sluggish action of the President to take the necessary steps in terms of some recalcitrant Sierra Leoneans is seriously crippling the day to day activities of the government.

The Guardian Post was also intimidated over the weekend that the august 10th failed coup by certain unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans to incites blameless youths to take the streets on senseless demonstration which resulted into the death of police officers and civilians should have being a wakeup call to the President when he took the oath of office at Radisson Blu to protects the lives of Sierra Leoneans.

If the President continues to make lip service on the countless unruly behavior perpetrated by Sierra Leoneans against his New Direction government he will soon find himself in a difficult position that will be challenging and grim for him to address.

Both the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and the main opposition All Peoples Congress Party have urged the President to bring to book all those faceless collaborators that are using the social media to wreak havoc in the country.

Patriots like Sylvia Blyden in her various audio messages continue to urge the Bio’s administration to do the needful by clamping on inciters that are using the social media to send all sorts of derogatory and deprecating messages to the youthful population in the country.

Since the August 10th demonstration, supporters and sympathizers of the SLPP have register their dissatisfaction on the slow pace at which the security apparatus are using to arrest some of the front runners of the failed coup.

“Our lives are in danger.” They said. “We are calling on the President and the security sectors to upped up their intelligence by arresting all those that were responsible for the august fiasco.

Justice Boima of Justice Radio within the Eastern part of the Freetown was much unblemished to his audience by calling names of leading inciters that are working freely in the streets of Freetown without being question by the Sierra Leone Police.

Justice Boima is a pro-government propaganda and has being very defiance and frustrated on the slow pace of the Sierra Leone Police is moving with the investigation.

His outburst on Monday the 29th of August should be a wakeup call to the security departments and the newly commission of enquiry formed by the President.


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