Infinity Mind Foundation Helps Sierra Leoneans

Infinity Mind Foundation Helps Sierra Leoneans

Following the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus pandemic on both individuals and businesses around the World, the Infinity Mind Foundation yesterday, 1st March, 2021 signed an agreement of Eight Million Leones Small Business Grant with two young people as a way of supporting them to start their own business enterprises.

The Fund is intended to provide startup capital for these young people who are mostly out of job and could find it difficult to secure meaningful employment opportunities because of the challenging economic situation and the state of unemployment and underemployment which is one factor killing our youths and their potential.

The Infinity Mind Foundation Business Grant is a 100% ownership to its beneficiary with no interest rate levied. This means that beneficiaries can neither return the principal grant nor should they pay back any interest in return; the fund is completely theirs and it’s free. Specific terms and conditions were signed in the agreement which beneficiaries are expected to follow.

The Chief Executive Officer of Infinity Mind Foundation, Mr Abu Bakarr Benson said that there is a dire need to reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty among the youth and that their organization was prompted to understudy emerging economies around the world with a view to identifying what has worked for them in reducing these trends with youth-led enterprises.

“What we believe at Infinity Mind Foundation to be the urgent and pragmatic solution after studying emerging economies around the world is that there has to be a conscious and deliberate inclusion, integration and mainstream alignment of youth entrepreneurship in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Sector, which is an engine that assists in driving the economy”

“Adopting this attitude will act as a credible means of addressing the challenge of youth unemployment in Sierra Leone,” he maintained.

Young people need to be supported to help them realize their fullest potential. This can be achieved by providing our young people with business and engagement opportunities. The Infinity Mind Foundation is an organization committed to empower youths, women and girls in underserved communities with health aid, food, mentoring, education, business support and advocacy through support from the founder and philanthropist of this organization, Dr Rebecca M. Taylor who has been the sole sponsor for the organization’s activities.

Young people are the driving force and machinery for a country’s development and the need to empower them so that they can be able to secure a better future is very important. The Infinity Mind Foundation Business Grant Support comes every year and we are hoping that next year would be different. This organization is committed to make positive changes and bring smile on the faces of young people.


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